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Polish for English Idea

I noticed 2 things that are different about the Polish course from the Spanish course: 1. In the Polish course, there is nowhere where you have to speak. 2. The Polish course doesn't show you your fluency. 1 to me is more important because I love actually speaking my native language and I also really want to know how I'm doing with my fluency.

These are just a couple of ideas to add to the Polish for English while it's in phase 2. Do widzenia!

December 12, 2015



The Spanish course were created by Duolingo, but Polish course is just entered beta. The courses that are created by volunteers don't have the fluency badge yet either.


I think these will be implemented as the course goes on.

I think for now the contributors want to focus on improving what was released in beta and working towards a stable course. There's very little reason to focus on your ideas at the moment if there's a huge pile of reports for the moderators to process and correct.


True. I understand that the course is still in beta and they have a lot to fix; I'm just saying anytime during the second phase.

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