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"The woman and the man have a child."

Translation:Kobieta i mężczyzna mają dziecko.

December 12, 2015



I don't get where dziecko comes from, can someone explain it?


Well, usually first the man and the woman have sexual relations, although there's of course in vitro or adoption as well...

But seriously - "dziecko" is simply the Polish translation of "child". OK, it's in Accusative here, but neuter nouns have Nominative and Accusative forms identical, so nothing changes, there isn't anything to explain.


Dziecko ( child ) From Proto-Slavic Dětę From Dětь ( Child ) + • From Proto-Indo-European Dʰeh₁(y)- ( to suckle, suckle )


How can I get a Polish keyboard in Android in order to use the correct characters?


Long press the base letter (a if you want ą) and a little menu should pop up with alternate letters.


This is impossible for me to complete on my phone..due to layout.


Is there a word for 'the' and 'a'?


As you can read in the Tips and Notes, Polish doesn't have articles (a, an, the).


When would i use maszy and macie? I think i saw them somewhere but i can't seem to recall mają and end up trying those options, to no avail. Twice now I've gotten this phrase wrong.


Its not allowed to use "ta" for "the"?


It's permissible, we accept it, but only if you write "ten mężczyzna" as well. Omitting one of those would sound rather strange, I think.

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