"Men and women"

Translation:Mężczyźni i kobiety

December 12, 2015

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When can I use "a" instead of "i"?


"I" links parallel or equivalent items, e.g. "I skip and jump."

"A" introduces contrasting, elaborating, explanatory or supplementary ideas, e.g. "I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay."


How come dziewczynka end in 'a' same as kobieta, but in plural one ends in 'i' and the other in 'y'? Mężczyzna also ends in 'a' and 'i', but that's obviously different since it's masculine, unless dziewczynka is not feminine either, as is the case with the German Mädchen.


Phonetics. The -ky ending doesn't exist in Polish, it's always -ki.


And may I add the same goes for 'g': it's always '-gi', never '-gy'.


I wrote "z" instead of "i". They are interchangeable, right?


No, '"z" means 'with'. "Mężczyźni z kobietami" would be a way to say "Men (together) with women".

Also: from (z Polski = from Poland), out of (jeden z nich = one (out) of them), made of (dom z drewna = a house made of wood).


Thanks! Now I know.


Why is mezczyznami wrong?


"mężczyznami" is the Instrumental form, used mostly in sentences like "They are men".

This here is just a phrase outside any sentence, without any context, so it should use the basic, Nominative form.


Hi all, i've answered Mężczyźna and not mężczyźni and still have a good answer, why is that?


"Mężczyźna" has a typo, the singular form has a normal 'z' at the end, not a 'ź' like plural "Mężczyźni".

If that was a listening exercise, those currently do not inform you that you made a typo. If it was another exercise, you should have at least get a typo notification (putting aside that it's rather simply a wrong answer and not just a typo...).


That is so unfair. I learned phonetic until now. Big mistake from my side. :D


I wrote mężczyzna i kobieta. I don’t understand how and why the endings change for these words.


What you wrote was singular, "a man and a woman". We have plural here.

What can I say, you'll soon start seeing patterns.

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