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  5. "Witaj, dzień dobry!"

"Witaj, dzień dobry!"

Translation:Welcome, good afternoon!

December 12, 2015



Witaj is Hi as well


Good Afternoon as well?


I think 'witaj' is an imperative?


Technically yes, but the usage of this word is quite specific. You can say "witam" (1st person sg) and "witaj" (2nd person sg, imperative) and mean exactly the same thing. Hard to point out the difference between them.


It is. Aside of Good + time like Dzień dobry, dobry wieczór, dobranoc there are those 'imperative' greetings. Witaj (be greeted/welcomed), bądź pozdrowiony (be greeted), bądź zdrów (be healthy), żegnaj (be 'said farewell' or sth similar), trzymaj się + nothing or how e.g ciepło (stay in a good shape), bywaj (aside goodbye it also has a meaning that is hard to translate, it is be!, not continuously but repeatedly). Third category is first person singular: witam, pozdrawiam, żegnam. The rest is: Siema, elo, hej, salut, ave, jak się masz? (How are you doing?), pa pa.


The intonation is strange. It pronounces it like if "dzień dobry" was a question


The intonation of the whole TTS is generally tragic :/


Hi, "dzień dobry" is more like Hello than good day, moorning, afternoon, or whatever...


I thought czesz is hello/hi


cześć can be hi and bye


is 'witaj' OK when talking to more than one person? It sounds like a 'ty' form.


It is indeed a 'ty' form, the 'wy' one is "witajcie".


Thanks! So 'Ladies and gentlemen, welcome' is 'Witajcie, Panie e Panowie'? or is there a more normal way of doing that?


"witać" is generally problematic... your sentence mixes informal "witajcie" with formal "panie i panowie" ('e' is not a Polish conjunction), yet in such a sentence this is actually suitable, I don't see a way to use a formal option - "Niech panie i panowie witają" is a bit absurd, it would mean that you think that they should welcome someone.

I think it's safest to say "Witamy, panie i panowie!" - you change the subject, 'we' welcome you. Not that "Witajcie" means that you welcome us... it's somehow not exactly intuitive ;)

If you welcome your friends in your house, all forms: "Witaj/Witajcie/Witam/Witamy" make perfect sense - just choose the ones where the grammatical number is appropriate.


How would you pronounce n and ń?


"n" strong and "ń" soft


First comment. Nice. Liking polish so far.


Dzień dobry is way to say Hello in formal way. But it's also means Good day. Dobry poranek is more proper way to say good morning. Because poranek means morning but dzień means day


"dobry poranek" can mean "a good morning" but it is definitely not any standard way of greeting someone. I would be very, very surprised if someone said that to me as a phrase.


I am not sure whether welcome good morning works

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