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  5. "Ти любиш бігати з другом?"

"Ти любиш бігати з другом?"

Translation:Do you like to run with a friend?

December 12, 2015



Would "Ти любиш бігати з другами" mean "Do you like to run with friends"?


Almost. Друг has a slightly irregular plural form друзі. "With friends" would be з друзями.

Note: female friends/girlfriends (подруга) is regular, so it's still з подругами.


Oh I see now. Now I understand better how to read this :)


The given correct answer needs an article (nit the one displayed above, but the one displayed in the exercise should be: "Do you like running with a friend?"


Thanks, I removed the no article solution :/ Now it will display either "with a friend" or "with your friend"


Please don't make us translate into ungrammatical English. Friend needs to be plural or else give us an 'a'


I know, I'm so sorry!

I'm very frustrated with this.... I'm spending a lot of my free time now just parsing through all the exercises and trying to fix all the problems... I'm starting to suspect that no native speaker of English was present or consulted when the exercises were made :(

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