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  5. "Над окном ничего нет."

"Над окном ничего нет."

Translation:There is nothing above the window.

December 12, 2015



"Above the window there is nothing?" I know it's not the most natural way to say it in English (I'm a native speaker), but should it be accepted? Maybe I'm getting too used to Russian word order and it sounds ok to me.


It is - as you say - perhaps not the most natural phrasing, but definitely perfectly correct. In many contexts it could by very natural too:

"In the box there is a gun"

"At the end of the street there is a post box"

"Above the window there is a shop sign"

"Above the window there is nothing"


"There is nothing over the window"? is this wrong?


It could work. Added it.


I just wrote that today (21-Dec-2016) and it wasn't accepted


Why not над окном нечего нет


Ничегo is the genitive declension of ничто (nothing, similar to никто which is no one). Нечего is a pronoun that is used to describe the "unpossibility" of something happening. I can't think of a good example dealing with windows specifically, but... В комнате ничего нет, а поэтому мне нечего делать - There's nothing in the room, and therefore nothing for me to do.


It sounds like the audio is saying «ни́чего» instead of «ничего́»


oddly specific...makes me think maybe there IS something above the window...

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