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  5. "Над окном ничего нет."

"Над окном ничего нет."

Translation:There is nothing above the window.

December 12, 2015



"Above the window there is nothing?" I know it's not the most natural way to say it in English (I'm a native speaker), but should it be accepted? Maybe I'm getting too used to Russian word order and it sounds ok to me.


It is - as you say - perhaps not the most natural phrasing, but definitely perfectly correct. In many contexts it could by very natural too:

"In the box there is a gun"

"At the end of the street there is a post box"

"Above the window there is a shop sign"

"Above the window there is nothing"


"There is nothing over the window"? is this wrong?


It could work. Added it.


I just wrote that today (21-Dec-2016) and it wasn't accepted


Why not над окном нечего нет


Ничегo is the genitive declension of ничто (nothing, similar to никто which is no one). Нечего is a pronoun that is used to describe the "unpossibility" of something happening. I can't think of a good example dealing with windows specifically, but... В комнате ничего нет, а поэтому мне нечего делать - There's nothing in the room, and therefore nothing for me to do.


It sounds like the audio is saying «ни́чего» instead of «ничего́»

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