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  5. "Let's take the blue one."

"Let's take the blue one."

Translation:Weźmy to niebieskie.

December 12, 2015



I think "Weźmy niebieski" should also be correct. Or maybe also "Weźmy niebieskiego???"


Yeah, I fixed it. Please use the "report a problem" function in the future!


but it still insists on the feminine form!


Actually the main answer is masculine...


Could you use ktorys?


In what place? What would be your whole answer?


why "bierzmy niebieskie" is wrong?


Using imperfective "bierzmy", which is more like "Let's take it on many occasions", is probably acceptable even as a synonym of "Weźmy" here, but it's pretty colloquial language in such a sentence.


Could it be "tego niebieskiego" if you take a male Smurf?


It's probably the least probable option, but technically correct, yes. And it doesn't even need to be about Smurfs (Polish: Smerf (sg) / Smerfy (pl)), many words in new technologies are commonly treated as masculine animate, so it can be about a laptop or a pendrive.


So these new words like laptop etcetera are added to the list of classic "exceptions" (fruit, vegetables, dances, valuta, car brands)? Is there a list somewhere of these new cases?


I don't think I ever saw an official list... with new technologies, I'd say it's kinda 50/50, half of the natives will say "Mam laptop" and the other one "Mam laptopa". Both sound natural to me, although I'd say "Mam laptopa" myself.


OK, thanks. In the Netherlands we have the "Our Language Society" ("Genootschap Onze Taal"), a private society (but anyone can become a member) that gives free grammar/linguistical advice: https://onzetaal.nl/ The society was founded in the 1930s when grammar purists were worrried over the increasing number of Germanisms...

Is there an equivalent institution for the Polish language?


I think the closest thing that comes to my mind is Poradnia PWN (Polish Scientific Publishers) here: https://sjp.pwn.pl/poradnia

Although the answers here are from actual linguists.

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