"You have a child."

Translation:Wy macie dziecko.

December 12, 2015



will they eventually add in the conjugation tables?

December 17, 2015


More recently with the words to choose from.....the answer (wy) isn't even in the choices!

April 25, 2018


Well, if "ty" and "masz" are, then everything is correct.

Actually even "Masz dziecko" and "Macie dziecko" are starred, so it's possible that no pronoun was in the choices. You can still create a correct answer.

April 26, 2018


"Wy" is not among the options.

July 5, 2018


But "Ty" (and "masz") should be.

Almost every sentence about "you" has at least two starred answers, the options have to allow to create one of them.

In fact, Polish usually omits the subject pronouns, as they're mostly redundant. So "Macie dziecko" and "Masz dziecko" are also starred answers.

July 5, 2018


So I'm using the android app and I somtimes semple the cheat-sheet, to no avail. I'm keep making mistakes. Which one is more user friendly the Widows version or the phone App? Anyone with experience.. ?

August 30, 2018


The app version is super easy, with most exercises just needing you to click on the tiles. The browser version is more of a challenge.

August 31, 2018


Probably mor indept thogh...... (o:

August 31, 2018


I was given the option of both: "Wy macie dziecko." and "Ty mamy dziecko."

Aren't these both correct answers?

October 20, 2018


They are both correct the only difference in both of them is "Wy macie dziecko" is usage of 2.nd person in plural . "Ty masz dziecko" is usage of 2.nd person in singular.

December 29, 2018


Also "masz dziecko" (sing.)

October 27, 2018
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