"You have a child."

Translation:Wy macie dziecko.

December 12, 2015

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will they eventually add in the conjugation tables?


it just says "you have a child" doesn't explain that its plural


Can duo lingo add how to say each word slower and correctly after inputting answer? It would be would be nice to be able to click all words separately to know how to enunciate. Lastly, why doesn't duo lingo offer polish alphabet with enunciation? Can I get credit if this idea has not been created yet by Duo lingo please and thank you?


Why not ty? Isn't it "you" (sing.)?

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Should be accepted as well (with a proper verb form - 'ty masz').


"wy" is the plural of "ty" it means group of people


in Russian/Ukraininan "wy" it's a formal of "ty" AND also can mean group of people. I hope someone from native speakers can confirm/correct me


According to the tips & notes, this is definitely NOT the case in Polish. "wy" is only used for plural, not formality. Polish is more like Spanish in this regard with separate words for the formal "you" "pan/pani/panstwo" (m/f/pl)


And also "panowie/panie" (gentlemen/ladies) ;)

You can hear "wy" used as a formal way of addressing one person in the communist movies. It worked like that during those years, not it does not.


Absolutely, Sergey :)


More recently with the words to choose from.....the answer (wy) isn't even in the choices!


Well, if "ty" and "masz" are, then everything is correct.

Actually even "Masz dziecko" and "Macie dziecko" are starred, so it's possible that no pronoun was in the choices. You can still create a correct answer.


Also "masz dziecko" (sing.)


Why is it "macie" and not "masz"?


It's either singular "[Ty/] masz dziecko" (You have a child, John) or plural "[Wy/] macie dziecko" (You have a child, John and Anna).


Thank you! This what I was looking for in this discussion.


"Wy" is not among the options.


But "Ty" (and "masz") should be.

Almost every sentence about "you" has at least two starred answers, the options have to allow to create one of them.

In fact, Polish usually omits the subject pronouns, as they're mostly redundant. So "Macie dziecko" and "Masz dziecko" are also starred answers.


Why don't you mark the question wether you ask Plural or Singular? You have a child can be: "ty masz dziecko" or your (only) translation "wy macie dziecko".


Because there is no technical possibility to do that. Maybe in the future.


How is there not a technical possibility? You can literally just altar the the question, like so; "Translate: You have a child (pl.)"


That translates to "Macie dziecko (l. mn.)" ;)

The sentence to translate should rather be a thing that someone can say. Okay, it isn't 'technically impossible' to put such an instruction inside the sentence but we definitely won't do it this way.

It would be great to have a possibility to place such an instruction in the interface, in the explanation of the task, but not the sentence itself.


"Ty masz jedno dziecko", is it correct?


It's a correct sentence, but it would mean 'You have one child'.


At the moment when WH7s13 wrote this comment, "jedno dziecko" actually was a hint for "a child" and it was on top. It shouldn't have been and it's removed now.


I believe i could have used Macie or masz dziecko and i chose Masz but why didn't Duo lingo tell me I could have also used Macie. Im sure on previous excersize it has done this ??


No clue, there are four 'best answers' here so even if you got the sentence right you still should have been shown some valid alternative, I believe.


Why is the right answer not You? Being that it is being directed to one.


The right answers are "(Ty) masz dziecko" (You have a child, John) and "(Wy) macie dziecko" (You have a child, John and Anna). "you" doesn't specify whether it's singular or plural.


They wouldnt eaacept my singlr you! How the heck are we to know which?


There's nothing here which would suggest that it's plural, singular is equally probable. So the most likely reason for what you're saying is that you made a typo somewhere, and then the correction, unfortunately, is not always the closest to what you tried to answer. This can make one think their answer was completely rejected, although really it was just a matter of a typo.


This is still not corrected


And what exactly is "this"?


What's the difference between the use of Wy and Ty. I found out i used wy more than ty

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