"Где магазин?"

Translation:Where is the store?

December 12, 2015

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Magasin, c'est exactement comme en français !

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    Il y a un beaucoup de mots du français en le russe. En fait, durant l'âge des tsars, quasiment tout les russes éduqué ont pu parler le français.


    Magazin can be a supermarket as well . I've never seen a sign in front of any large store "SuperMarket" (Perekrostok, Sedmoy Kontinent etc.) to say "SuperMarket", they always say "magazin" , i.e. you should add it to the possible answers list


    While I agree that magazin can be a supermarket, we see a lot of supermarket signs in Omsk. These are from Omsk. The first was taken a week ago and the other 2 were taken this morning, November 12th, 2017. All are within 5km. https://imgur.com/a/oxveU


    Again, I got shot down on a/the. Please, if this is not just a quirk of Duolingou's, can some-one guide me to a clear (and, if possible, simple) explanation of how to understand the Russian nouns in terms of English article adding.


    I'm with you. "I need some milk. Where is a store?" Is perfectly ordinary English.

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      I know. This is so stupid. The bubbles let me choose a or the and I choose the first one I saw: a.


      "Магазин" can be both store and magazine, right? If yes, what is the difference between "магазин" and "журнал"?


      I don't think so, магазин is only a "store" and "magazine" is only "журнал"


      I see, thank you for the reply.

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        Can it mean "warehouse" as it does in Polish?


        It can mean a magazine attached to a firearm.


        Is there a problem with "where's the shop"?


        Does magazin indicate on a huge store and some kind of mall or it also means a shop or a supermarket? In persian, we call small shops "Maghaze".


        It does not say anything about the size.


        Need to add "where is a shop?"


        "Где магазин?" "Подержи арбуз... откуда я знаю!"

        A common joke in Russia. Works actually with a body language.

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