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  5. "Başkan nerede?"

"Başkan nerede?"

Translation:Where is the president?

December 12, 2015



Başkan nerede - President? Isn't Cumhurbaşkan president? Başkan can mean leader in any generalized form


İ'm Brazilian and this triggers me


why does she reads it as "Başkan ne?" and is the r not pronounced in nerede ?


she actually reads it as "başkan nerde?" and it is how this is usually pronounced. the r is certainly pronunced. Similarly burada is often pronounced as burda, orada as orda, and şurada as şurda.


Some dialects pronounce it like "narde" or "nerde" instead of nerede. For example, I'm looking at you, Antalya.


I confess that watching ertugrul made me interested in learning turkish so i could really enjoy the show in all of it's native emotions. Among all of the lessons till now, this one is so familiar in all the interrogation that goes on in the series: - o adam kim?!! - aabi neeerde!!! - neden soyle! (Can't remember if this one is right) P.S. I'm not sure if I'm spelling these out correctly but i just wanted to share my nostalgia

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