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  5. Thanks for adding Polish :)


Thanks for adding Polish :)

I just want to thank you all for making it possible. I've been waiting for this for years. Duo is changing the world :)

December 12, 2015



How you finding Polish? I am liking it but finding it quite difficult


I recommend to use memrise, it really helps to learn new words.


that's a really good app/website!


Please excuse my cross-posting of a Duolingo-specific memrise vocabulary list I've recently begun putting together: http://www.memrise.com/course/920188/duolingo-polish-checkpoint-1/2/


I am already used to some basic words such as Mężczyzna, Chłopak, Odpowiedż, etc. because I have been using the English-for-poles course for some months. You just need to practice over and over again and the words will stick to your mind regardless of their weird spelling


I find it very difficult as well, but the spelling is what's getting me


Try learning hindi, you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤! Its easy


for me it is not so difficult, my native language is in the group of Slavic languages


yeah, I think Slavic languages are easy for Slavic native speakers. My mother tongue is Polish but I can also speak Czech, Slovak and Belarusian.


How did you attain fluency in these three other languages? My mother tongue is Polish as well but it doesn't help me know that the word for potato in Czech is "brambor", while in Polish it's "ziemniak". I can understand some of these languages when spoken but can't speak them at all, because that would require a knowledge of the differences. So if you have any tips, let me know!

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