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  5. "Jem obiad."

"Jem obiad."

Translation:I eat lunch.

December 12, 2015



Isn't obiad supposed to mean "lunch"?


Derp, I was so upset that it wasn't accepting the right answer and I realized they're looking for the Polish.


Yes it does but maybe you wrote something wrong


So I just found something strange... if you, like me, can't think in Slavic without thinking Cyrillic, you can type these lessons with Russian alphabet. Out of frustration I just typed Ем обяд and I got it right.


Obiad... lunch? Neah... that's wrong on so many levels. Lunch is 11:30... Obiad 16:00...


Then how you would call (both in polish and english) a main meal of the day eaten at 14.00?


I surely vote for "obiad" in Polish. I wouldn't care much about the exact hour, I'd care about "which one of the three main meals of the day it is".


This is more dinner, than lunch. Kolacja is supper.


Depends on which dialect of English you're more familiar with.

obiad = lunch/dinner (afternoon meal)

kolacja = dinner (evening meal)/supper, we also accept "tea" for some British users.


Raz obiad to lunch a teraz to dinner. ¤_¤


In Polish obiad is dinner, I speak Polish fluently so trust me


It's not a problem of Polish, but of English. Simplifying, our śniadanie/obiad/kolacja are breakfast/lunch/dinner in the US, and breakfast/dinner/supper in Great Britain. It seems that even in Great Britain it isn't that popular. But we in Poland are usually taught the 'more British' version, that's why for you (and me as well) 'obiad' is rather 'dinner'. But Duolingo is an American company, so we usually go with the American translation as the default.


Wrong. Lunch is 11:30... Dinner depends on what country but not earlier than 16:00. I would rather say Lunch in Poland is a second breakfast...


Well, Duo uses American English, and American English calls the three main meals (śniadanie/obiad/kolacja) breakfast/lunch/dinner. I don't personally like this option, most Polish people I know were taught the British version (breakfast/dinner/supper), but this is what we had decided upon. We used to star both versions (lunch/dinner), but people were confused a lot. Since we went with 'lunch', I believe the only people that complain in the comments are Polish users.

"drugie śniadanie" actually works for "lunch".


The British English version is breakfast LUNCH and dinner/supper. Dinner as a main midday meal is fraught with social class problems, Dinner in the evening is formal, supper is a normal evening meal. The derivation of the word lunch comes, I think, from an old word meaning a hunk of bread eaten somewhere between breakfast and dinner.


In the previous question there was no option for the right answer. How can I report a mistake?


I am fluent in polish and am practicing my writing but "obiad" is dinner not lunch.


Why is ‘obiad’ pronounced with a final accent?


It isn't. Try playing the sentence in "turtle" mode :)


Because it's TTS voice.


The exercises are confusing obiad and kolacja.


I checked the sentences in "Food 1" and they all translate "obiad" to "lunch" and "kolacja" to "dinner".


English people don't say "to eat lunch", but "to have lunch". How do you want people learn a language, as a literally translation or as a common use of the native language?


This is the Polish for English course. We accept "to have lunch", but if we made it the best translation, then hundreds of people would try translating it into Polish as "Mam obiad", which has a completely different meaning.

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