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  5. "Oi, menina!"

"Oi, menina!"

Translation:Hi, girl!

December 13, 2015



(cut off earlier) as english, this sounds more like afroamerican usage ("Hi girlfriend!") In general, kids don't say "boy" and "girl" to one another in simple address. (Older people might say "Hello, young man" or ".. young lady" but that's pretty formal.) Do peers really talk like this in conversational Portuguese?


Older people referring to young people, yes :)

More rarely, some friends might use that too.


As a Brazilian, I personally do not usually say "oi menina" or "oi menino", but I understand that this phrase would be appropriate to deal with a small child or in a very informal way with a younger person, of whom we are very close. On the other hand, calling an adult with the use of the words menino ou menina in a work environment sounds very derogatory, giving an idea that the speaker is placed in a position of social or professional superiority.


In conversational english this translation sort of works


"Oi" means literally "hi", and is not a slang.

In an informal setting, you can ask "oi?" to mean that you didn't understand what was said, or to express surprise to what has just been said. In this usage, it can be roughly translated as "what?", I guess.

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