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  5. "Почему ты здесь?"

"Почему ты здесь?"

Translation:Why are you here?

December 13, 2015



Я здесь, чтобы учить русский...




Well, it was a dark and story night in 1983...


Every time I see this sentence, I read it in a sassy/angry tone. xD

Like- "Why are YOU here!?"

«Почему ТЫ здесь!?»


Yeah, I always think about "minesweeper - the movie": "WHY ARE YOU HERE, SOLDIER?!" "I'M HERE BECAUSE I'M BORED!" "Don't you ever forget that ..."


At least youre getting the full meaning of почему! I alwsys think why ( the heck) are you here?


God, why are you here? get out of here


Я здесь, потому что здесь моё место.


What is the difference between asking this question and зачем ты здесь?


I maintain a personal dictionary of words I have learned from Duolingo. Почему and Зачем are next to each other in my dictionary, and they are the only words into which I have invested such notes as below. Please note, my etymology is highly suspect, but it helps me out a lot.

  • Почему - why (asks about the past, asks about the cause of something; think of “по” as a prefix asking, “by”, since чем comes from что, and so you are asking, “by what means?”)

  • Зачем - why (asks about the future, and asks about the purpose of something; think of “за” as a prefix asking, “behind”, since чем comes from что, and so you are asking, “what’s behind this?”)

I think the implication of the question, "Почему ты здесь?" is along the lines of, "What brought you here - did someone drop you off in their car?" If it were phrased instead, "Зачем ты здесь?", the implication would be, "What is your purpose for being here? You gonna rob the joint?"


Почему ты опоздал? ‧ Why are you late? ( involuntary, inadvertent, undeliberate; what unforeseen intervention or disruption caused unwelcome lateness? )

Зачем ты опоздал? ‧ Why are you late? ( intentional, calculated, purposeful, deliberate; What is the motivation behind a planned lateness? )

За-че́м ‧ Why [ purpose inquiry - answer: In order to ‧ Чтобы ]

По-че-му́ ‧ Why [ cause inquiry - answer: Because ‧ Почему что ]


Good оne . I think u meant потому что.


Is this informal?


Well, yes. Ты is for people you already know, friends and family...


Or for strangers invading your home


If you're asking why someone is here, wouldn't it make more sense to say "Зачем ты здесь?", because you're presumably asking about the reason, rather than the cause?


Зачем seems to be more purpose-oriented ("what's the reason you're here?") vs. почему being a demand for why it happened ("how come you're here?"); asking with зачем would probably get you an answer longer than you'd want in a quick situation


Для вас, всё для вас)


Underrated comment


Почему sounds so cute


Почему мы еще здесь?.. Что бы страдать?.. Каждую ночь я чувствую мою ногу... И мою руку... Даже свои пальцы... Тело которое я потерял... Товарищи которых я потерял... Не остановят эту боль... Как будто все они еще там... Ты ведь тоже это чувствуешь...


it's a bit awkward but... because of почему's purpose, could you translate it as "how"?


For the life of me I can't hear the ты in the listening exercise of this!

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