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The Polish Diaspora (Boston)

So I was in Boston today. When I think of Boston ethnically, I mostly think of the Irish-Americans and the Italian-Americans. However, I've recently just discovered how diverse this cool city is.

Apparently there is a sizeable Polish Community here too. I've always considered them to be mainly in Chicago. I ate at Cafe Polonia, where they make some good pierogi. While there, I saw a Polish newspaper called Biały Orzeł. It is the New England edition (which I can only assume means they must have other editions in other parts of the USA), and is in 100% Polish. I can't read any of it, but I'm working on that. They have tons of advertisements, all of which are for things in the Boston metro area, and all are in Polish. It's very cool and interesting. In the newspaper are pictures of what seem to be Polish events in Boston.

Across the street from Cafe Polonia is the Baltic Delhi, with Polish foods. You can buy all kinds of pierogi, kielbasa, etc., as well as Polish snacks (including chocolate with vodka inside!).

If any Polish learners are in the Boston area, I highly recommend this place. If not, is there a Polish community anywhere near you?

December 13, 2015



I used to live there. Now I am in Poland. The craziest thing about the Boston Polish Catholic community is that the Polish Catholic church is at 666 Dorchester Ave. Talk about bad luck!


Haha, that's hilarious! Yeah, I think I was on Dorchester Ave. for the restaurant. Did you live in that section of Boston, with the Poles?


No. I ws in Brighton. That's mostly Irish and Russian... Or it was. There were a few Polish stores near the church though. So if you're running low on Kubuś and flaczki that's the place to go.


I don't think we have any Polish newspaper, but then my town barely has a local newspaper full stop (pop. 5,000), but we do have two Polish shops and a growing number of Polish locals. (I'm in rural England.)


A lot of Poles come to Scotland to work. There's one Polish lady who goes to my church here. I don't recall seeing Polish shops or restaurants around here, though I've seen them places like London. There are more Polish goods available in supermarkets than there used to be, I think.


Some of our local supermarkets have entire sections devoted to Polish food nods


I live on the south coast and in my City there is a chain of Polish shops called Fajny Sklep. There's another fairly big Market and are countless smaller shops. Even places like Asda and Tesco have big Polish sections. If I walk through the city, it's not hard to hear Polish ;-)


Wow, thank you so much for telling me this :) This seems very cool!


Yep, there's a fair Polish community in New Zealand, partly because of historic immigration but founded upon the Pahiatua children, refugees from World War 2. I've never encountered a Polish restaurant or anything, though.


Another really prominent ethnic group in Boston is the Greeks. The last time I was in Boston I was shocked at how many establishments had Greek names. I was up at Boston University watching a basketball game in a stadium called Agganis Arena. No wonder it's such a cerebral city.


Really? Huh, I never noticed that! I haven't seen many Greek places in Boston, but now I'll keep my eye out!


My heritage is Polish and I am from Wisconsin, there are many people there who claim Polish ancestry.


I live in the Boston area, and as for as long as I can remember, my family and I always went to the Polish quarter around Boston to restock on some of our Polish supplies (good kielbasa, meat pastes, candies, etc). We especially went there during the Christmas and Easter seasons, as those are two of the biggest holidays for us Poles. Lots of good memories there, and I plan to continue the tradition of going to the Polish quarter with any future kids.


I think there is in or by Maspeth in Queens but I don't recall it being anything like this little Poland you're talking about. There's a couple Polish delis where I live but that's about as polish as it gets.


Yeah, I think it's St. Andrew's Square in Boston, there is a Cafe Polonia, Baltic Delhi, Polish-American Society Building and I think even a Polish-America Veteran Centre (I can't remember though). It was quite interesting. That, and the Polish newspaper was quite surprising to me, I had never heard of anything like it in Boston. Ethnic neighbourhoods in Boston are interesting, you got Irish pubs all over the city, and the North End is where you get Italian food. There's a relatively small Chinatown as well. But I'd never heard of the Polish section. There is also a top-rated Afghan restaurant in Cambridge, owned by the former Afghan president's brother. It's called the Helmand, if anyone is ever up here (or down here), I highly recommend it. Afghan food is amazing.

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How about Ridgewood, Queens?


Greenpoint in Brooklyn. Plenty of Polish delis/bakeries/stores (including a few bookstores) and plenty of signs in Polish if you want to practice your reading skills. But if you want to see it, better get there soon. The Polish population is steadily dwindling. There's been a sharp dip in the past 5-10 years or so and it's only shrinking.

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