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  5. "Он вспоминает эту статью."

"Он вспоминает эту статью."

Translation:He remembers this article.

December 13, 2015



What is the difference between "Он помнит эту статью" and "Он вспоминает эту статью"?


Он помнит эту статью - he remembers this article. Он вспоминает эту статью - he is recalling the article. Though probably you have already found the answer ;)


I did, but your response is the one from the expert, of course :)


Is it because one is perfective and the other one is imperfective?


Nope, they are both imperfective. They are just different verbs despite sharing a stem.


Thanks Kundoo, and this leads to a bit of "constructive" criticism for Duo. Placing stuff that is "so close" as people are just learning it can cause a bit .... no a lot ..... of hassles. And this happened for me just as Duo was changing their system and "stopping" the ability to do the same lesson multiple times. Yep, I love Duo, but this threw me for a 3 month spin that I am still struggling with. But as I said, please accept this as "constructive criticism" not like some of the whinging of others here over petty stuff


Wht is the difference between вспоминать and поминать?


Поминать is not an old/outdated word. It is still widely used in Russian about a dead person. When we поминаем, it means that we either pray for the dead person, eat something in his/her memory or speak about him/her in a positive way. The word is also used in some phrases like поминай как звали (and that was the last that was ever seen), помянуть добрым словом (to say a good word about somebody).


Поминать is more like "remembrance"? and вспоминает is more like he remembers?

Does the "вс" part have anything to do with "perfective"?


Not really, since it's still an imperfective verb. But there's some truth to it too. It goes like this: "помнить" ("to remember") - imperfective verb > "вспомнить" ("to recall") - perfective verb > "вспоминать" ("to recall", "to be recalling") - imperfective.


Поминать is an old word used only in certain idioms.


I am confused... in some tables I found I, II and III declension grouping, in other ones I found masc/fem/"strong"/"soft" grouping... For instance here: https://it.wikibooks.org/wiki/Russo/Declinazioni (italian source) статью would be classified as "debole, femminile" [weak, feminine], here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_declension as "first declension"... I can immagine there is a equivalence between the two grouping, but I am not able to find it by myself without falling in some contraddiction. A link in english (or italian) with both grouping wuold be really appreciated.


Isnt эту for plural nouns ?


No ,эту is feminine accusative so as статью is feminine for статья plural forms for accusative would be эти and этих for animate objects

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