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  5. "Какой мост на этой улице?"

"Какой мост на этой улице?"

Translation:What bridge is on this street?

December 13, 2015



How would you say, "What bridge is there on this street?"


I suspect it would be the very same, and I think it should be accepted. But I'm a newbie, so I can't be sure.


I don't really understand the distinction. Could you clarify?


Gaston correctly understood that it was my translation, and it wasn't accepted. I pressured my husband to translate (he is a native speaker of Russian) and he said, "Какой мост там есть на этой улице?" Oh, now he is saying you don't need the 'там есть" so we are back to square one. No difference.


I struggled with this one because I would never say this in English


It is a rather odd sentence. Especially given that in English, a bridge on Fourth Street is as likely as not named the Fourth Street Bridge.


It would probably make more sense in terms of a tourist checking out historical bridges such as in London. The names of the bridges crossing the Thames may have no relationship to the street name, such as London Bridge or Tower Bridge. A tourist may be curious about which historic bridge they’d be crossing while on that street.

Edit: And don’t forget St. Petersburg! Dozens and dozens of bridges!


I said "Which bridge is on this street?" It was marked incorrect. Is it?


I don't understand what that sentence means... Where is the bridge in relation to the street?


I think this means something like "Which bridge does this street cross?", though I'm not a native speaker.


Этой in this sentence does not sound as I'd expect. It seems to rhyme with мои, rather than мой.


I wrote "what kind of bridge is on this street" and it was not accepted. I am not a native English speaker, but still what does it mean in English "what bridge...". Anybody?


I did the same to the same effect. My thinking was: Is it a railway bridge or a bridge for cars? Hi, native speakers: Is this translation possible?


It's better to understand the other way: which street is on the bridge? (Like in a map, you see the name of the street on the bridge literally)


Улица can it ever be road?


"Что мост на этой улице?" Is it correct?


It should accept road too


I have never come across этой before. What case is it? Prepositional? What would be feminine and neutral form for it then? And: The way I understand the English sentence is someone doing a sightseeing tour of bridges asking which bridge they are going to see next. If I am correct you could ask tge same question in a zooasking which animals are we going to pass when turning into the path to the left.


What is the bridge on this street? - Я не понимаю, почему этот вариант неверный. I can't understand why this option is wrong.


In every lesson ive done in this course involving какой (including this one), it should've been translated "which" instead of "what".

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