"Is that our teacher?"

Translation:Это наш учитель?

12/13/2015, 4:32:56 AM


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I really don't understand Это and Этот --- I thought Это was more "this" or "this is", and Этот was "that" or "that is", but Этот was marked wrong here.

12/13/2015, 4:32:56 AM

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Этот is used as "this (noun)," where the noun is masculine. Этот стол = this table. Это is used for "this (noun)" where the noun is neuter. Это озеро = this lake. Это is also used as a general "this" or "that" like in this example (What is this/that? This is a (noun)), and you don't you have to change the gender. Это I think has other uses as well, but you get the idea.

12/13/2015, 4:43:02 AM
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