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  5. "Piję wodę i jem chleb."

"Piję wodę i jem chleb."

Translation:I am drinking water and eating bread.

December 13, 2015



Chleb is just like the Russian хлеб :D


Конечно :D There are the same word in Ukrainian "хліб" (sounds "hlib") So if you know Russian and Ukrainian it's very easy to speak Polish)) I never learned it before, but I understand Polish serials very well)


I think the audio is too fast, especially for early lessons. I can't really hear the "i" in the sentence.


I found it was too fast at the start, but after learning Polish phonology, I found that it was easier to hear what was being said. As a bonus, it also seems to help me remember how to spell certain words too, like mężczyzna! :)


Agreed, I'm Polish and I don't think I would understand it the first time without the transcription. I'm kind of relieved, though, because I have difficulties understanding the speech in German course :)


It's easy enough in my opinion to be honest. It's getting us used to being able to decipher what is said when speaking face to face in Polish when the other person will no doubt speak faster. I personally think it's quite easy to hear the difference between words too, easier than French I think, unless this is all just me XD


It doesnt even provide me with the words needed to provide the correct answer?


A better sentance would be "piję wódkę i jem majonez"


So when is I added to sentences?


"Ja"? Mostly when you need to emphasize it or contrast with some other subject.


It does not appear eating in the word selection


The starred answers are "I drink water and eat bread." and "I am drinking water and eating bread." and you should be able to create one of those.


This lacks "am" as an option. However you write it, you can't write it correctly.


Well, there is no "am" in "I drink water and eat bread", and it is exactly as good of an answer as "I am drinking water and eating bread". 99% of Polish verbs don't show a difference between Present Simple and Present Continuous. The fact that the answers aren't exactly as you expected, doesn't make the course 'poor'.


why is it not pijem


Before the team finished writing tips&notes, you can read my short write-up about this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12281032

Long story short, there are at least 3 types of verb conjugation, and some of them have -m and some have -ę.


Why "I drink a water and I eat a bread" is not accepted?


You can't say neither "a water" nor "a bread", they're uncountable.


Thank you for your explanation.


I had to write I am drink water because "drinking" wasn't any of the options. Please take a look at that!


Well, write "I drink water" then, at least it's correct English. And a correct translation. ;)


Sorry for the late response, but thanks! I now realize it was a really dumb question :)


Now I'm doubting my German and Japanese as well, if Polish is made this poorly... ;~;


I don't think they even decided on one tense. You can't write it in one tense, either.


You use piję in first person?


1st person singular, yes.

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