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"The trip will be over in June."

Translation:Seyahat haziranda bitecek.

December 13, 2015



is it possible to say yolculuğu haziranda bitecek


1 - "Yolculuk" is the subject of the sentence, so it cannot take any case ending.

2- vowel harmony: the accusative of "yolculuk" would be "yolculuğu".


Why cant I use bitirmek here? What is the difference between bitmek and bitirmek?


bitmek is intransitive (it has no object) so you use it when the subject is something that ends "by itself".

bitirmek is transitive (it takes an object) so you use it when the subject causes something to end.

For example, Öğretmen ders bitiriyor. Ders bitiyor. "The teacher ends the lesson. The lesson ends."

Rule of thumb: if you can replace "end" with "cause(s) to end" or "makes end", then you have bitirmek. "The teacher causes the lesson to end. / The teacher makes the lesson end." -- works. "The lesson causes to end. / The lesson makes end." -- makes no sense.


'Yolculuk' is marked as wrong, but I thought it meant 'trip' as well as 'seyahat'


Yolculuk worked for me. (23 Aralık 2020)


Why is "Haziranda seyahat bitecek" not accepted?


You can also say that but its being a little gramaticly false (im from turkey thats why im saying this)

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