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"There is still no peace here."

Translation:Burada hala barış yok.

December 13, 2015



Henüz wrong here?

I thought Henüz was more of a word for negative like yet as opposed to still.

Please advise.


I talked to my Turkish brother-in-law. He says both are grammatically correct but the implication is a little bit different. Henüz is like it's on its way, you're expecting it any minute. Hala is more like it should have been here already but it continues not to be here. (İf I understood him correctly.) Go ahead and flag it and Mark it as my answer should have been accepted


Shouldn't "Burada hala sulh yok" also be accepted?


My answer was "henüz barış yok burada". Can't I put "burada" in the end of the sentence, and henüz should be right as well, no?


KarinAngele, you do a word for word translation. It does not work the same in Turkish and in English. Did you already observed that during your studiying? In Turkish the word order basically is "subjetc/Obect/verb bur it can change according to what you fto ocus on, what you want to emphasize. But, in any case, the verb is ate the end. Have a look to those different websites on this topics (they are so many). Concerning basic word order, i like Yasin Durak explanations, step by step, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnHseUFnrrk. And for the others, here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_grammar#Word_order or here: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Turkish/Word_Order. If you want find others, you tape on Google "word order in Turkish grammar" and you will find many others.


Thank you very much, dear Mariane584083.. Much appreciated! <3


halen arapça bir kelime mi ?


Evet. Hâlâ ile halen, arapça حالاً kelimesinden.


çok teşekkür ederim


Is it possible to say Burada hala hiç barış yok?


I don't get the difference between burada and burasi. Can someone explain please? I had the impression they could be used interchangeably but it was marked wrong here


I don't get the difference between burada and burasi.

burada is like an adverb -- you can consider it as a translation of "in this place".

burası is like a noun -- you can consider it as a translation of "this place".

For example, Burası çok sıcak "It's very hot here" is literally more like "This place is very hot".

But in the current sentence, we say that there is no peace in this place, so you can't use burası.


OmG! Thank you so much! Great explanation

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