"Мій тато їсть вареники з капустою."

Translation:My dad eats dumplings with cabbage.

December 13, 2015

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What is wrong with "varenyky" ? Many ethnic dishes carry their native names to English and other languages. Examples: pizza, sushi, kasha, borshch, salo ect.


Even people who don't speak Polish say pierogies. They wouldn't say dumplings, so why should we? Duo should accept "vareniki." Will report.


'Vareniki' це не переклад, це калька зі слова "вареники".


I'm having trouble distinguishing between how you say things like "I eat dumplings" or "he eats dumplings", and "I am eating dumplings" or "he is eating dumplings". Are these two the same? Because in this sentence it seems to be that way based on the available translations. I feel like I will never understand all of these cases :(


In Ukrainian there's only one present tense. So I eat, I am eating, I do eat, etc. get lumped together into one form я їм. Only context will tell which is most appropriate in a given situation. If there are any sentences which aren't accepted only because of that, you should report them.


Try keeping a notebook with the notes from the duolingo website, it helps a lot. :)


Yeah. I sometimes forget to read the notes :/


It's ok, whenever you have a little freetime you can spend a few minutes making one its really easy and it helps a lot. :)


But I agree that it is easy to forget about the notes when starting a new lesson


Theres no double dotted "i" in my ukranian pack and its making me fail these. :s It's really annoying


If you have the right keyboard layout, you should be able to use the ] key to make the ї letter. The layout that I am using looks like this: http://frontype.com/keyboarding/540px-Computer-keyboard-Ukrainian.svg.png


Kapusta should be allowed to mean sauerkraut... ESPECIALLY when we are talking varenyky :)

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