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  5. "Він читає книгу."

"Він читає книгу."

Translation:He reads a book.

December 13, 2015



Is it possible to put the nominative form for the nouns, and also expand verbs (as they do in Spanish duolingo)?


That would actually be very nice! I hope they see your suggestion.


Look at that, I'm a contributor now :) Adding forms to hints, marking cases and genders :) Hope it's better now!


I'm confused. I thought "read" was читати. What is читає/читаєти? I thought that present tense was all the same ("I read books" and "I am reading a book" is the same).


You are right, yes, "читати" means "to read" and yes, in Ukrainian there's one present tense, no difference between simple and continuous.

"Читає" is simply conjugated to third person singular "він": він читає (He reads / is reading)

Читати --> я читаю, ти читаєш, він/вона/воно читає, ми читаємо, ви читаєте, вони читають


The other choice would be he reads books which sounds equally correct. Or does читає change too?


No, "He reads books" would translate to "Він читає книги" (plural form)


I missed it because I cannot hear the last syllable of the sentence.

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