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Norwegian workbooks

Hello! I know that Duolingo is good and I can find Norwegian grammar PDFs on the web, but I can not find workbooks. I mean those books or pdfs where are tasks i have to do. For example training article usage and so on...(Like this french work book: https://vk.com/doc17269963_208294403?hash=af0e601bf1ce2333e0=b0f421b270cc71cad1)

Can somebody help me and give links in the description? I would be very happy :)

December 13, 2015



Ny i Norge is the best book in my opinion . You can find its soundtracks and full book pdf free ! I lost the download page unfortunately ... I'm searching


Thank you for creating this post¡ I am learning the basics of Norwegian and I have found the same problem, the lack of workbooks in this language. Takk¡

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