"Nie widzę dziewczynki."

Translation:I do not see the girl.

December 13, 2015



Just to confirm the rule here... The object takes the genitive in a negative sentence? Otherwise (without the nie) it would be "widzę dziewczynę"? Also I thought the genitive ending was dziewczyny? These cases will the be the death of me. Had no issues with Latin / German, but this is nuts! Thanks for any enlightenment!

December 13, 2015

  • Singular = Widzę dziewczynę. (acc)
  • Singular negative = Nie widzę dziewczyny. (gen)
  • Plural = Widzę dziewczyny. (acc)
  • Plural negative = Nie widzę dziewczyn. (gen)

Hope this helps :)

December 13, 2015


Great, that's what I thought. So dziewczynki is just interchangeable with dziewczyny? Is it a diminutive?

December 13, 2015


Dziewczyna - a girl; Dziewczynka - a small girl

Yes, it is indeed a diminutive.

In the plural: dziewczyny - girls; dziewczynki - small girls

A lot of Polish diminutives get that 'k' interjection, you will experience that later on :)

December 13, 2015


So do I get it right, "dziewczynki" can be used in 2 cases: - "small girls" and - non-diminutive genitive singular form of "girl"? :)

January 1, 2016


You are right. "Two girls" - "Dwie dziewczynki". It is both singular genetive and nominative plural form of the word "dziewczynka", which is a diminutive form of "dziewczyna".

January 2, 2016


I tell ya I get a little confused with these nouns having i and y endings and them not being plural. Lol

June 3, 2017


I am so confused, it seems like this lesson, what I previously thought to be plural, (dwiewczynki, kobiety, zupy) is no longer plural! Did I misunderstand previously?

November 1, 2018


Sov, why is the right answer for this sentence "a girl" instead of "girls"?

October 11, 2016


"widzieć" (to see) takes Accusative. When a verb that takes Accusative is negated, it changes to Genitive.

The Genitive of singular "dziewczynka" is "dziewczynki". The Genitive of plural "dziewczynki" would be "dziewczynek".

October 12, 2016


Napisałem odpowiednio i nici

March 10, 2017


Why is "I don't see a girl" wrong?

June 23, 2017


It should have worked, it's accepted.

June 23, 2017


"I don't see a girl" didn't work for me either

September 25, 2017


I put i can not see the girl!, still should of been right in theory

October 17, 2017


Actually... it is accepted right now, so Duo should have accepted it, but it's wrong, it shouldn't be accepted. "cannot" makes sense here, "can not" does not. Removed.

October 18, 2017


Thanks for these discussions. I put "I cannot see the girls." which was not accepted. I thought the problem was in "cannot", and it took me a while to find out the problem was in "girls".

April 12, 2019


Be honest with me...if i don't fully understand what you're all talking about when you refer to different forms and cases ie non-diminutive genitive etc..Will i Still learn the language eventually like a child?

February 24, 2019


A child doesn't understand things like diminutive or Genitive. You're learning very differently, and well, of course it's more difficult.

February 24, 2019
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