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Another Russian tree completed.

A friend of mine and I had a competition tonight (see his thread here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12296166) to see who could finish off the Russian tree fastest. Since he tested out of 68 skills from the start and I only tested out of 63, the competition was over pretty much before it started. It took me seven hours, but I did it. Seven months on French to get just over halfway through (40 of 77 skills), seven hours for the entire Russian tree. Serves me right for not taking French in school (whereas the Defense Language Institute did a pretty good job getting my Russian up to speed - I last set foot on the Presidio over 20 years ago and still tested out of 63 skills right off the bat).

Congratulations to the developers of the Russian program, it really is quite good, especially for such a new Beta program. Not nearly as many teething pains as I expected. My only complaint is that the dash separating reflexive endings from reflexive verbs in translit was incredibly distracting for me and caused a fair amount of mistakes because typing in the soft sign between them (when appropriate) is a reflex and has been for years.

Oh, and congrats to Berlin180 for his victory in our competition. I now owe him a case of Baltika.

Happy holidays to everyone.


December 13, 2015



Congratulations! You have my respect. I'm still a couple of skills away from passing the first checkpoint. Russian is by a very long shot the toughest language I have ever attempted to learn.


it's hard but it's fun


Congratulations, I admire and envy your achievement! I agree with Golden_Knight about the challenge of learning Russian; I have not yet even halfway completed the course. But I am in full agreement with you about the generally superb quality of the instruction.


Балтика! Oh, that takes me back. I don't even like beer, but I still have fond memories associated with Baltika :)



Congratulations well done.

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