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please add gender to all translations in German

Dear Duolino team, When learning a word in German it is very important to learn it with the gender, but when you "stand" on a word you get the translation without the gender, and you don't really learn the word in a useful way.

December 13, 2015



Excellent idea, often we are introduced to words without gender, and it would be a very useful tool.


Not only in Getman. That is helpful in every language


My teacher says that eventually, once a student in german advances, even grammar rules stop being an issue, the overwhelming issue becomes knowing the gender of nouns, so I support this suggestion


Great idea! I am sure it will be a lot to remember when I am on the higher levels. But seeing the gender of the nouns on the definition would be a great help even if just for memorization purpose


Guten Abend! Great idea! Danke!


I would love this.


Danish does that and it is so useful. You don't learn that newspaper is avis but that it is en avis or avisen. Please do that in German as well.


Although I am through, I would fully support the idea, as it would have been a great help for me during the course.


I agree 100%. The only way to learn this is repeat repeat repeat... so leaving it out in the FIRST PLACE makes no sense whatsoever. I just finished my "German tree" and I missed it each and every time. Good luck getting to the victorious golden Duo...


It cost me a great deal of time looking up genders in my dictionaries. It would be a very welcome and pedagogically sound move.

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