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  5. "That is an egg."

"That is an egg."

Translation:To jest jajko.

December 13, 2015



Why jajko and not... jajkiem or whatever the instumental would be


My Assimil Polish course states that with "to" you can usually omit "jest", thus I wrote "To jajko". This was marked as incorrect, and I've just grasped that this could also mean "this egg". But still, in a sentence like "To nie warzywo, a to jajko" it should be possible to omit "jest" both times, right?


"To jajko" should be correct in here. But in the sentence "to nie warzywo, a to jajko" it's not correct. "A to" suggests that you are switching to talk about different object now, so the whole sentence sounds bit like "this is not a vegetable and that egg". It should be "to nie warzywo, a jajko" or "to nie warzywo, ale jajko" (both mean "It's not a vegetable, but egg").


Got it! Dzięki :)


"To nie warzywo, to jajko" or "To nie warzywo, a jajko".

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