"Widzę psa."

Translation:I see a dog.

December 13, 2015

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When use psa or pies?


Pies is the basic, Nominative form. "psa" is Accusative, which is probably the most widely used case. "widzieć" (to see) takes Accusative.

If you need more information about the cases, I'd recommend checking this topic for posts about cases.


The link doesn't seem to work for me :(


I just tested it, and it seemed to work for me. Perhaps you could try this one: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pies#Declension and 'show' the declension to see all the forms of this noun.

EDIT: I seem to recall that, on some platforms, some links don't work when the link is in a plain text form rather than in the full expanded form like this (which is the same as Jellei's link above): https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16296174


Czesc, what subtopic do I click for information on accusatory forms? Dziekuje!


I now realise how easy English is, small is small no matter what gender, 'is' is is no matter what, tea is tea no matter what. This normative, accusative, gender, inanimate, etc and the hundred other forms one word takes is just unbelievably unnecessary in my own unsolicited opinion.

Psem, pies, psy, psa ❤❤❤ imagine english had something similar doggo, doggy, dog, dogry etc lol this language is unbelievable why not just stick with psy and pies?

Also in English words end with s or es when they become plural in Polish they end with anything i, e, y etc some even become entire new words ❤❤❤

You this language I must acquire you no matter what


I agree English is super easy..


Just ignore thes...Ox-oxen, box-boxes, octopus-octopuses, cactus-cacti, anxiety-anxieties, foot-feet, sheep-sheep, person-people, goose-geese, beef-beeves, confetto-confetti, man-men, child-children, louse-lice, radio-radios, volcano-volcanoes, knife-knives, roof-rooves, hoof-hoofs, dozen-dozen...but i get what you say...


Why "I am seeing a dog" is wrong?


That sounds like you're a bit too much into animals, if ya know what I'm sayin'


Is there a rule about which verbs take accusative, and which ones take instrumental ?


No, you have to remember them. Very few verbs in this course require the instrumental. Być, zajmować się, interesować się...


BTW 'psa' is one word and not pronounced 'ps a'.


Yes, that's probably the worst pronunciation in the entire course, but so far we don't have a possibility to change it.


if i say "widze pies" , is it completely wrong or can be accepted?


"Widze" could be interpreted as a misspelling of "widzi" giving "a dog sees".

It would be a bit like asking if "ve" is acceptable instead of "vejo".


Ahh ok i think i understand it better now , i know what you mean! Thanks mate!


How do you pronounce "psa" as the voices are not always audiable either reliable.


Well... exactly as you see it, I would say. We used to have voices which read it as "ps-a" which was the worst audio problem in the course, but it's fixed now.

Maybe the slow female voice loses "p" a bit. There are almost no silent letters in Polish.


How about "I can see a dog" ?


"Psa" is Accusative, which is what you need after the verb "widzę". "Psem" (Instrumental) is what you'd need after verbs like "być" (for example, "jestem psem"->"I am a dog".

For more details, take a look at: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pies#Declension

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