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  5. "Ten pies nas nie lubi."

"Ten pies nas nie lubi."

Translation:This dog does not like us.

December 13, 2015



Zwyczajnie! JesteŇõmy kotami)


I know that there is a difference between word orders and emphasis, but which words are emphasized most? The way the other commentors seem to be trying to say is that the last word is the most emphasized. Is that right? Is there a good website that someone would recommend for farther reading on this. As an native English speaker, put us/nas before the verb is very weird.


I don't know about readings, but yeah, generally the emphasis goes to the end of the sentence.


I love cats and what dog Duo?


I#m going to report this: I wrote - This dog dislikes us. Does not like and dislike, it#s the same thing.


Makes sense, added now.

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