"Krab jest zwierzęciem."

Translation:The crab is an animal.

December 13, 2015

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dlacego jest v sekcii "correct solution" takze odpoviedz "crabs are animals", jesli v polskem jazyku jest liczba pojedyncza?


It is somewhat explained in the tips in the beginning. You can say "Krab jest zwierzęciem" if you think about whole species, thus making English "Crabs are animals" closer in meaning. Of course "The crab in an animal" is also correct.

And I hope you wouldn't mind if I mark the mistakes in your Polish ;) It's really great though!

Dlaczego w sekcji "correct solution" jest także odpowiedź "crabs are animals", jeśli w języku polskim jest liczba pojedyncza?


Thank you very much for corect my mistakes in my Polish! I can spek and read, but i need help with my write :)


Piotr, lovely explanation! By the way, how can you make letters bold?


*stars before and after

one star two stars three stars


So, is "rak" only used for Cancer (Zodiac) or does it also work for the animal?


It is used for the animal, the illness and the zodiac sign. "Raki" is used also for ice-climbing crampons.


Piotr, ty russkij?


Nope, Polish native speaker, Вадим :)


Jak Piotr po polsku? Po ukrajińsku Petro, po angielsku Peter, ...


Piotr jest po polsku. :)


"rak" is also animal. it lives in clear rivers, streams, creeks, sometimes you can see it also in the spring well. It loves clear water. Rak lives in Czech. http://www.fcps.edu/islandcreekes/ecology/crayfish_%28cambarus%29.htm


So "rak" is "crayfish", but "krab" is "crab"?

Crayfish and crab are two different animals in English. A crab generally has a main body in the center with 8 legs on the sides, similar to a spider; a crayfish's body includes a tail with many sections and looks like a lobster.


Rak lives in Poland so it has Polish(Slavic) name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astacus_astacus

Krab does not so it has "international" name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crab

Lobster is homar , which is also "international name". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homarus_gammarus


I really have to do a paradigm-shift with the verb 'jest' ('to be' in Polish) as I am used to Ukrainian and 'jest' sounds so similar to the Ukrainian verb 'yisty' ('to eat')!

Here. This sentence 'sounded' like the 'crab was going 'to eat' an animal'. :/


Well, "jeść" is the imperative "to eat". So it's still close ;)


is there any difference between to + nom and być + inst


Well, we feel that using the 'to' construction with people ("Adam to lekarz") is kinda clumsy, makes it sound like "Adam = a doctor". And "Adam jest lekarzem" is... well, more elegant. We still accept those though.

But we don't accept "On to lekarz", this one just feels simply too clumsy. Here we really want you to go with "On jest lekarzem".


Is "w" in zwierzęciem pronounced with like "g" in "gun"? I am hearing /zgeʐɛ̃d͡ʑem/.


No, it's a normal "w", so it's pronounced as "v". Polish doesn't have such surprises.


What is the difference between 'to' and 'jest' ?!


"jest" simply is the verb "is", 3rd form of "to be".

"to" is a so-called copula. In such a sentence and here, it is a bit like a = sign. It also serves a number of other functions.


'To' is 'this' and 'jest' is 'is'


I speak polish so i know


A crab is an animal was marked wrong - I thought there were no articles in polish! Also A crab is an animal is probably closer to the English as "crabs are animals" and "a crab is an animal" are both equivalent in English


I had the same thing,its actually anoying now


This one is hard to hear clearly. Hearing them slow is really helpful!


Could someone help with the pronunciation of zwierzęciem? I seem to be able to pronounce zwierzę no problem but it almost sounds like the speaker is saying zwierzenchem?


Well, I guess it's quite close. If I were to spell it with English letters, I'd try something like "zvyezhewchem"... I don't like the 'ch' part, but I can't think of anything closer.

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