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  5. "Mój kot je mięso."

"Mój kot je mięso."

Translation:My cat is eating meat.

December 13, 2015



My gosh, it is so hard not to write "My cat is meat."


LOL. I almost wrote the same thing.


I wrote it to, because "je" means in Czech "is"


How would you write 'My cat eats meat' rather than is eating?


The same. The Present Simple/Continous difference is not present in Polish.

Having said that, there are some verbs that are used for 'habitual' actions, and there's verb 'jadać' which means exactly that for eating. So a better option for "My cat eats meat" (generally) could be "Mój kot jada mięso". It would work even better if the sentence was "my cat doesn't eat meat at all". But we're not teaching it, and simple "je" is enough here.


What happened to the grammar? The first lessons have grammar alongside the questions. I miss them now...


The Tips & Notes? Yeah, the other lessons do not have them, I'm afraid. But there is a lot of valuable content in the comments, and you can also just ask questions here. Also, you can take a look at this topic: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16296174


Your comments are, indeed, always very helpful. The Tips and Notes at the beginning are also very helpful, and if you ever go back and do a Polish Tree 2.0 (like the German and Dutch have recently), subsequent Tips and Notes would not have to be nearly as long.


We are doing Tree 2.0, that's the main reason we will not write T&N for the current tree - in some time they would be outdated, as the new tree is going to be quite differently built :)


That's fantastic. I'm looking forward to it.


Jellei, first of all Dziękuje bardzo for all the great explanations and for this site! Since you are talking about the tree, my question is: when I first entered duolingo, I could "buy" with the lingots 2 different skills, which were Proverbs and Love. Latter I came back (because I'm currently in Poland) and those skills had desapeared. Why? And since then I am waiting for something to do with the lingots (like "buying" extra skills or stories) but... Nada. What can we do with the lingots then?


I've seen that for some of the most popular languages, but I missed it for Polish. I too would welcome extra skills like that.


Yes, I don't believe there were ever any bonus skills for Polish.

In fact, the functionality of creating bonus skills has been broken for years and is apparently really complicated to fix for the devs, so it's not coming back soon. Only those that already exist (for the most popular languages, as you said) are in the trees.


That's too bad, though I guess adding more skills in revised trees accomplishes the same.


Ok, maybe I made confusion and tryied german, long ago... Ill check. But it was a nice idea. So what are the lingots good for? We could "buy" some vocabulary... I'm in Poland now, and the vocabulary they like to teach me is... Very funny for them when I repeat. Like... K... Pier... Etc. I'd better stick to your vocabulary for work purposes!

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