"The big dog is listening to the man."

Translation:Duży pies słucha mężczyzny.

December 13, 2015

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I am confused and frustrated, to is do but when used is not proper? Big listens to.


Well, when English uses "listen to", Polish just uses "słuchać". We don't use any preposition here, "słuchać do" makes no sense.


does the verb here make mezczyzna genitive?


"słuchać" (to listen to) is simply one of those verbs that do take Genitive.


Isn't it "... słucha (kogo?) mężczyznę"?


Słuchać takes the genitive case (kogo/czego), not the accusative (kogo, co)


Is there an easy rule to remember about the accents on Mezcyzna ( I can't use accents in my postings on my computer!)


Personally I recommend flashcards, especially some app that makes you write down the word exactly, letter by letter. I use Fiszkoteka, but it's a Polish website.


Why is it wrong!!!


Hey Odile, your answer is not automatically attached to your comment in any way. Whenever someone writes a comment like you did, no one else has the slightest clue what "it" is. We don't know what you answered.

If you're sure that your answer is correct, please report it and/or provide a screenshot. Or at least quote what you answered in a comment - although frankly, that just says what you wanted to answer, it doesn't prove that you really wrote the same during the exercise.

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