"Co jedzą kaczki?"

Translation:What do ducks eat?

December 13, 2015

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Why not "co kaczki jedzą"? They word order threw me off


Maybe it slightly changes the meaning? as in 'what ducks do eat?'

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    Lots of chleb.

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      It sounds a bit like "What do ducks eat?"


      Our sentence means exactly that...

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        Sorry, I was sleep deprived when I wrote that. I meant "What are going to eat (the) ducks?"


        So like "What (creature) eats ducks?", something like that? That would be "Co je kaczki?".

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          If it was "What (creatureS) eats ducks?" it would be different? I mean, is there a plural for "co"?


          No, there isn't. We could be more specific, for "What creatures" I guess that would be "Jakie stworzenia jedzą kaczki?". Not a common word, but it'd work.


          Why couldn't it be 'What eats ducks'?


          Because that's a completely different sentence.

          "What eats ducks?" has "what" as the subject and "ducks" as the direct object. So it's "Co je kaczki?".

          "What do ducks eat?" has "ducks" as the subject and "what" as the object. So it's Co jedzą kaczki?".


          Okay, thanks


          Something I do to understand the order of the words in these questions in case you speak Spanish. Que comen los patos? or Co jedzą kaczki? knowing that Polish doesn't have articles then you remove the "los" from the sentence and its exactly the same. Hopefully this helps someone.


          How would one say "Do you eat ducks?"


          Czy (ty) jesz kaczki? Czy (wy) jecie kaczki?


          The recording only said Co jedzą. no kaczki.


          Did you press the 'play' button again? Sometimes the audio cuts off, although usually it's in the middle of a word so it's clear that something was wrong.


          Doing this to repair a previous lesson. First time I've seen the word Co...


          Well, it's a sentence from "Questions" and that's the skill in which the word appears.


          I am wondering how you would say "what are the ducks eating?". Would it be the same and one would know the difference just by context? Or would a person typically say "co jedza te kaczki?"


          "Co jedzą te kaczki?" can still easily mean both "What are these ducks eating?" and "What do these ducks eat?". Context is the key here. Polish native speakers just don't take such a difference into consideration, usually.

          However, "to eat" is among those few verbs which have a separate Polish verb which we call habitual, which works only for the Simple tense. Those verbs aren't currently taught in this course, as you can always just use the 'basic' one. Anyway, the verb is "jadać", and the appropriate form here is "jadają". So to make it clear that you mean "What do the ducks eat?", you can go with "Co jadają kaczki?".


          Perfect, thank you!

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