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When is good to learn next language?

Hello all!

I am learning Dutch - Level 10 (40%)

I want to learn Norwegian soon. When is good to start with learning Norwegian?

I do not want that languages will be mixed in my head. I want to speak both good :P

Thank you! Dank u! Tussen takk!

December 13, 2015



It's not too much to learn 2 languages at a time. Just make you sure you cover both languages frequently so you don't forget them or mix them up. So it's not too early to start to learn Norwegian. But it is really your decision-good luck!


It really depends on how much you can focus on it. If you have a job or education that requires a lot of concentration you may find that learning multiple languages at a time is a bit too much to handle. If you think you do have enough focus, make sure to, as JamOnJamOnJam said, practice both languages frequently.


I generally have the rule - I need to feel comfortable speaking the language I am currently learning before I begin a new one. That way I know my understanding of the language is big enough to keep it separated from my next language :) Anyways, you decide for yourself! And a little note, we say "tusen" with one s only :) Good luck (lykke til)!


The problem with Dutch and Norwegian is that the chances of mixing the two probably are high since it are both Germanic languages, I'm a native Dutch speaker and I notice many similarities between Dutch and Norwegian. This makes it easier for me but since you're still learning Dutch I think this could definitely end up with producing some Dutwegian sentences. :P

I think sticking to Dutch for a while till you are comfortable speaking it and then learn Norwegian while keeping your Dutch fresh will make you speak both languages faster instead of learning them both at the same time.

This is only a theory though, never tried to learn 2 languages at once, so I could be wrong. :)


I think you could try doing both at the same time. Or, you can put Dutch aside for a while and learn Norwegian. You can always go back to Dutch :)

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