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  5. "These pants are mine."

"These pants are mine."

Translation:Disse buksene er mine.

December 13, 2015



I put undertøy. This should not be incorrect.


Sorry to raise the predictable singular-or-plural issue, but does "en bukse" mean "a pair of pants/trousers", i.e. a single item of clothing suitable for a (usually) two-legged human being? :-)

I ask because I was given "These pants are mine" to translate and I assumed it meant "This single pair of trousers ...".


Can "disse bukser" be correct, too? "disse" sounds so very determining (to me) that "buksene" doesn't seem to add any further information.


In English you differentiate definite from indefinite with "the" (in it's base form). In Norwegian that function is incorporated into the word, so -er is indefinite and -ene is definite. Articles have to follow whatever base the noun has.

  • Trousers - bukser
  • 7 trousers - 7 bukser
  • The trousers - buksene
  • These trousers - disse buksene
  • These seven trousers - disse sju buksene


Why is 'disse er buksene mine' wrong? I thought that would translate as 'these are my trousers'...

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