"Jaka jest twoja odpowiedź?"

Translation:What is your answer?

December 13, 2015

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I've always felt like "jaka" and "jak" are more like "how" or "what is it like?" Is there a reason it's "Jaka" here instead of "co?" Or is it just a subtle nuance of Polish we just need to get used to? ;)


Based on my knowledge of Russian and German (not necessarily Polish), I would say that "jaka" is probably a lot like "which" in addition to "how".

In this case, "co" would make less sense, then. Think of it this way:

"Co jest twója odpowiedź?" -- What is your answer? Well, it's an answer. Duh!

"Jaka jest twója odpowiedź?" -- Which (answer) is your answer? Well, my answer is [blah blah blah]....

In other words, the proper response to "co" is to identify what the thing is, and you've already specified that it's an answer. But you want to know which answer, and that information is requested by asking "Jaka?"

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I think that Which is your answer in Polish is "Która [odpowiedź] jest twoja"? ;)

And what's your answer is "Jaka jest Twoja odpowiedź"

"Co jest twoja odpowiedź" is not correct in Polish :)


Yes, that was my point. "Which" in the sense of choosing from a set of questions is "która," but "what question" translates to "jaka odpowiedz "


Jaka is definitely What kind of...


Thanks for asking the real questions


I'm thinking German Wie ist dein Name, if you know it. I guess co would be like what is your answer? Is it a sentence or another question? While jaka would be like how is it like - what are you going to say? If someone gets it, can you explain it more clearly lol


i am german, and you can say in german both, how but also what Wie ist deine antwort, was ist deine antwort. so it is again different from polish and english. in polish i think only jaka is correct maybe also która jest twoja opwiedz? but i think jaka is more like what is your question and która as mentioned above in a comment is more like which


To those who know French, look at it like this:

  • ''Jaka'' would be ''Quel/quelle'' JAKA jest twoja odpowiedź? = QUEL est ta reponse.

-''Co'' would be ''Qu'est-ce que'' CO robisz? = QU'EST-CE QUE tu fais


We need more French captains like you on board


you know what? I speak portuguese and get totally your point and so do whoever speak any romance language. Simple, but great explanation.


Thanks for the answer. It is not the first time that my french knowledge helps me to understand polish. Who would've thought.


Oui! Tu as raison. Mais j'ai besoin d'aide.


Why is 'odpowiedź' feminine while it has a masculine ending? Or is 'ź' a feminine ending and I didn't know..?


It is a thing about ending -dź is one of those soft or almost soft nouns that can end both masculine and feminine nouns (ć, ś,ń,c, cz sz, ż,) ( i might have missed something)


I'm pretty sure it's a feminine ending.


shouldn't it be <twoj> instead of <twoja> ?


Could you also say "Co jest twoja odpowiedź?" ?

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No, that is not correct ;)


I was wondering the same thing... does the word for "what" have to agree with the gender of the noun or is this just another way to say "what"?


Like Haxprocessor has said above; the answer to that question would be "an answer"


What's the difference between "co" and "jaka?"


co is a question about subject (who did this, what happened), jaka is a question about description ( what is it like ).


Hi, 'co' means 'what', 'jaka' means 'what kind of'


Jaka = kia in Esperanto, isn't it?


Ho mirinde! Encerbiĝis je mi ĝuste la sama demando. :)


Why could this not translate to 'Which is your answer?' ? Assuming there is a multiple choice question, how would you ask 'Which answer are you picking?' would that require która?


Którą odpowiedź wybierasz? seems like a question to ilustrate the multiple choice. (pick only one).


Which means który - close, but not the same. I would suggest to keep in mind that jaki, jaka, jakie mean what kind of and accept that this example sentence is not the best. :-)


Is there any female version of "Co" you cold use instead? If not.... POLISH JUST GOT REAL... (jk)... it was real after I learnt to say Czesc. -cries-


"co" doesn't have gender.


Why is everything here feminine? Twoja is fem, jaka is fem. Is it because you are speaking to a female?


The noun "odpowiedź" is feminine.


Is twoja odpowiedź the nominative case?


Is it possible to say "How is your answer?", which - in my understanding - would be similar to "what is your answer?"


"How is your answer?" doesn't make much sense in English, because it sounds like you're asking how your answer is feeling.


I know that"jaka" and "twoja" are feminine, so why is "odpowiedz" a masculine noun? Am I wrong or something? I am confused here.


it is not masculine it is feminine. dź is one of the endings where it can be either feminine or masculine and you have to learn by heart which one.


I had to translate from Polish to English. "Which is your answer" was counted wrong. It's true that it sounds like multiply choice, but there is no context given and there are many unusual sentences in these exercises. Why is ist counted wrong?


Basically we would like to teach that "which" is "która" (and its forms) and "what" is "jaka" (and forms).

Also, while of course I'm not a native, "Which is your answer" doesn't strike me as the most common English phrase...


In multiple choice it is: Which is your answer? A, B, C, D or E


I see your point. But people have already a lot of problems in distinguishing between "jaki" and "który". We decided to keep to the literal translation.

I'd personally go with "Którą odpowiedź wybierasz" (Which answer do you choose) for "Which is your answer".


I agree that "Which is your answer?" would not be the most common expression in english.
"Which (answer) do you choose?" or "What is your answer?"


"Which is your answer" is a perfectly reasonable English phrase, and it seems more appropriate for the use of the word Jaka than "What is your answer. "


That would be "która jest twoja odpowiedź?".

As in, which one, choosing from a predefined limited set of answers.


Can this be translated to "What is your answer like?"?

[deactivated user]

    Why is "What is your answer like?" incorrect?


    That sounds as if you were asking about general characteristics of somone's answer.


    jaka is a male's name in indonesian


    Since Jaka is said to be a sort of an "adjectival what" that seems to require an adjective as an answer, does this mean that asking "Jaka jest twoja odpowiedź?" should be answered like, for instance: "good", "bad"? From the comments I've read here, it doesn't seem to be the case, so this sentence may definitely not be an exemplary (most common) way to use Jaka, no?


    It is a very basic usage of "jaka", it's just that I've always had problems explaining this particular difference ("co" vs "jaki"). I guess that perhaps "adjectival what" is not the best possible name for it.

    I found this old explanation from br0d4, even if there's an exception that I can't think of, this should generally work:

    If in English you have "what" on its own (What is this? What do you want? etc.), then it translates to forms of "co" ("co" undergoes declension through cases).

    If in English you have "what" and a noun/pronoun (What color do you like? What is your question?), then it translates to forms of "jaki" ("jaki" undergoes declension through cases and genders).


    So "odpowiedź" is feminine? That's sneaky.


    Yes. I think that most (if not all) nouns that end with a palatalized sound (ń, ś, ć, etc.) and describe abstract notions are feminine.


    The jaka and twoja suggest odpowiedz is feminine but the word ends in a z (By the way, why is Polish so full of the letter z in its words and why . not content with one z , do you need three in the alphabet?) so I wonder why this word does not appear to be a masculine noun as it ends in a consonant.


    They are three different sounds, you wouldn't ask this question if someone centuries ago decided that they should look completely differently ;)

    Firstly, there are exceptions to the 'ends with a consonant -> is masculine' rule. For example "mysz" (a mouse) is feminine.

    And nouns ending with palatalized letters (ć, ń, ś, ź) are even more unpredictable in terms of their gender. They could be masculine (koń, słoń), they could be feminine (odpowiedź, przyjaźń). But I believe that most abstract concepts ("answer" is an abstract concept) that end with those letters are feminine.


    Thanks. Yes, i have already encountered mysz . In future I'll have to treat those letters with an accent on the top with caution. I don't normally look at their tops and yes, I see now there's an argument for the word ,answer, being an abstract thing.


    so, if "what is your answer?" works for "jaka jest twoja odpowiedź?", why wouldn't "what are his parents?" work for "jacy są jego rodzice?"? and the other way round, if "what is your answer like?" is not accepted


    Sorry, no, What is your answer like? doesn't work, or not sensibly.

    What is your answer like? My answer is long, pink, fluffy, and rather like a unicorn.

    What are his parents? I'm not sure but I think they're either ducks or dentists.

    The latter question isn't impossible but would need to be in the context of a conversation about jobs to make sense. Either way, it doesn't mean the same as Jacy są jego rodzice?


    a conversation about jobs? interesting. i thought that would still be "who are his parents?", with "what are..." meaning something else

    "what is your answer like?" doesn't make much sense as a question, but (as i understand) it does convey a possible meaning of "jaka jest twoja odpowiedź?". just like in english one can dad-jokingly respond to "what is your answer?" with "a sequence of words" (or "well, it's an answer. duh!", as on top of this discussion), in polish one can go "krótka"

    yes, i know you don't accept 'technically correct' translations anyway, only those that are 'probable' :(


    "What are his parents?" would definitely not translate to "Jacy są". Probably to "Czym są", but then it means they're not people (you'd say "Kim są", so "Who are they" then)...

    I guess "what is your answer like" is technically a correct translation, but as you said, not exactly the most probable one ;)

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