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RT's "Learn Russian" course

Hi, folks; a bit about. I went to college for Russian in 2001 and although I never did get a job specifically with Russian, it's been a thing I've held on to for a long time. One of the resources that I used to maintain my language skills after school was http://learnrussian.rt.com/ and I thought some of you folks here might enjoy it as a compliment to your Duolingo studies.

Regardless of what you think about RT as a news agency, their Learn Russian course is quite good. The learning curve on RT's course is much steeper than Duolingo, but if you've finished the Russian tree, or at least gained the confidence to try other Russian language courses, this could be a fun treat.

Sadly, RT cut funding for the staff who ran the project, so they don't update their other pages anymore, but the website is staying up and is still as good as it ever was. One of the things I enjoyed about the course is that it includes a lot of business vocabulary and other stuff that you won't find courses based on a general vocabulary.


December 13, 2015



I'm using this in tandem with DL.

Here are some Memrise courses with the vocab from the lessons http://www.memrise.com/course/745096/rts-learnrussian/thread/1755788/


Nice to know that somebody put together a skill-drill for vocab.


Just curious, is anyone else having issues hearing the mp3's on the site? Thanks!


Yes. the audio doesn't play which makes it pretty useless when you're supposed to listen to the audio and then answer questions on what you've just heard. Also it loses my answers for the questions where there is no audio


I'm having problems with the audios too, that's a shame!


Maybe you don't need it any more, but if someone else is having the same issue, you just have to check the Flash on your browser. I had the same problem and I added the site to my browser's Flash "safe list" and it's working now! :)


You have just to install Adobe Flash Player and enable it from the url place when you visit th website bu clicking allow

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    Where are you from , James ?


    I live in Ontario.

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      Canada ? Great !


      A 808 day streak?!?!! Молодец!!!


      Thanks James! Looks like a great course


      Спасибо! Замечательно


      Не за что :)


      it means its better than duolingo


      2-3 years ago I used RT to learn Russian after finishing an elementary course in my university. I really liked it for its abundance of various exercises and how in depth it can be, especially for the much dreaded "24 declensions" and "verbs of motion". It also includes some common exceptions like пять человек (as opposed to the regular genitive plural людей) and стулья (the correct nom/acc plural of стул)

      I'm not that satisfied with its vocabulary bank though. More than often it doesn't include all words used in the respective lessons. You'll have to refer to other dictionaries, a lot.

      It doesn't offer oral practice either.

      On an unrelated note, after these 2-3 years, I've forgotten most Russian (to the point of misspelling здравствуйте) but I still remember the declensions.

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