"Det är andra gången."

Translation:It is the second time.

December 13, 2015



Somehow I'd say det är den andra gången. I've learnt that when there is an adjective refering to a definite object, it always requires the definite article unless it's a proper name: Svenske kocken vs. Den svenske kocken. Is this an excpetion becuase it's a figure of speech of some sort?

December 13, 2015


Yeah, that’s not always true because the definite ”den/det” is often omitted with certain adjectives, notably numerals. It’s not wrong to use ”den/det” but it’s more common not to.

December 13, 2015


Can it also be translated as "It is the other time."? I've seen Duolingo translates 'andra' as 'other' too...

September 13, 2017


"andra" can mean "other", but it would not make sense in this phrase, so here it is always "second".

October 29, 2017


So would 'It is the other time' be translated as 'Det är annan gången'? Also, if one wanted to say 'It is the other times' would this be translated into Swedish the same as 'Det är andra gångerna'? But if we had an ett word in the definite plural how would one indicate that 'second' or 'other' was the intended meaning? By the use of the definite plural article 'de' when the meaning of 'other' is intended? If so, does that mean that the definite article always should be included, whether ett or en word, singular or plural, IF the intended meaning is other? Apologies for somewhat belabouring the point!

July 19, 2018


How would you say "there are other times"?

February 2, 2018


Det är andra gånger?

February 24, 2018
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