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I started learning Esperanto about 20 days ago (well exactly 20 days ago), and it has been a blast so far. Never have I made such progression through a language this fast. Just wanted to say keep going and don't stop it is when you feel that you are close to failure you are close to success. P.S Feel free to add my skype if you ever want to talk ID: kdscavella

2 years ago



Saluton Kdscavella!

Mi amas paroli esperanta kaj mi ankaux amas duolino. Mi estas un komencanto!

I just started the duolingo course today. I was learning French, but put that on hold for this course. I love it! I want to finish the tree and then try to read the web in esperanto/ listen to podcasts in esperanto.

What I really want to do with Esperanto is to see what it feels like to think in a language that is not my native language. Of course, this will require a lot of extra vocabulary...

Anyways, keep up the journey. We need as many Esperanto speakers as possible!


2 years ago


That's a big part of the reason that I want to learn this language as well. This would be my second language so I don't yet know what it feels like to think in a language other than English. I'm sure it'll feel weird at first.

2 years ago

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Mi estas komencanto! <-- the "un" is French; the "a" is implied in Esperanto without needing a specific word.

Welcome to the course! It will take awhile to think in a non-native language, but if you keep with it you will get there eventually. It took several years for me with French, but I'm hopeful that Esperanto will be quicker as a generally easy-to-learn language, and am already getting to the point that an occasional Esperanto sentence will come to mind, though not yet paragraphs.

2 years ago


Thank you! Good luck on your journey.

I'm silly because I know that the indefinite article is implied in esperanto! When I type I seem to forget I'm not typing in French or Spanish and start adding the connectors or genders XD.

Anyways, pointing this stuff out is how we all get better!


2 years ago