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  5. "Voi siete ragazze."

"Voi siete ragazze."

Traduzione:You are girls.

December 6, 2013

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da che mondo e mondo "children" ha sempre significato "bambini" e non "ragazze"... rivoglio il mio curicino!


sono d'accordo, come mai?


Perchè clidren vuol dire bambino girl vuol dire ragazza e woman vuol dire donna


Bambino = baby ( up to 1 or2 years old). Ragazzi = children.


Are you sure that this is how it is used in italy neko rsther than in america or italian american families? I thought i had heard and seen bambino used about children somewhat older. Of course the transition from bambino to ragazzo may be delayed by the odd italian habit of continuing to use dummies on pretty old children. Looks somewhat odd/creepy even to brits.


You are correct, I was explaining how it is used in English, as most of the people taking the class are Italian learning English. I wouldn't want them making the awkward mistake of calling young children babies when they are speaking in English.

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