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  5. "A shoe and a sweatshirt"

"A shoe and a sweatshirt"

Translation:But i bluza

December 13, 2015



Is bluzka really a mistake? I know plenty of Polish people who say this for blouse!


Because bluzka is a blouse, but bluza is a sweatshirt, these are two very different things :).


But it has been accepting blouse as bluza whenever I type that in!


Hmm, the only instance I can think of where blouse translates to bluza is "the service coat or tunic worn by the members of some branches of the US armed forces". "A woman's or child's loosely fitting shirt that extends to the waist or slightly below" is always bluzka - definitions from thefreedictionary.com. So all in all it should accept it, but most often you want to say bluzka, not bluza, when translating blouse.


I don't know any Americans who think a blouse is a sweatshirt.


What is more common bluza or sweter?


There are two different things. Sweter is knitted. Bluza is usually made of cotton, with a hood or not, comfortable, casual, used as a second layer.


to bring some more confusion to bluza-bluzka theme....in czech language means bluza a blouse and bluzka a small blouse....so its quite funny for me


We have some funny false friends between Polish and Czech, right? I found a list here: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/False_Friends_of_the_Slavist/Polish-Czech, but I guess we can add more words to it. :)


Who would wear this combination, honestly?


hey some of us party hard

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