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"Мальчику нравится эта музыка."

Translation:The boy likes this music.

December 13, 2015



Why "A boy likes this music" is incorrect?


the same question


why not эту музыку?


Because with "нравиться", the think that is liked - "эта музыка" - is the subject of the sentence. So the form of "нравиться" also needs to agree with the thing that is liked.


i have a question : if mal'chik is a nominative, i.e. the subject of the sentence why is it in the accusative here ::mal;'chiku. or is it that mal'chiku is a dativ and the Russian language says : the music is liked by the boy ? I know I must learn the declinations by heart like I did with German,Latin and Greek when a was a boy but I'd appreciate an answer and it looks like you are a good teacher.


You've got it the second time - it's "the music is liked by the boy", or maybe "is pleasing to the boy", and "mal'chiku" is dative case.


many thanks. how do I do to give you some lingots ? just click on it ? what is your nationality ?


Just click "Give Lingot", and then it will ask you if you're sure you want to do that. But then I've got 1500 anyway, so I don't really need it :-)

I'm American living in Scotland.


Many thanks Mr. Theron. I´m a french-'speaking Swiss economist living in South America( Ecuador and Peru) since 1992


Following this line of thinking, I wrote "This music is pleasing to the boy" and got it wrong.


Thank you. Maybe this is TMI, but I feel that Duolingo isn't always clear with the lesson plan... I though "dat" was short for date... thankfully you meantioned "dative."


Twenty something. I'm not a commie or anything, i just like the Red Army Choir.


If нравится goes with the dative case, why is мальчику ending in у? I thought it should be something like мальчике...


What is more usual in daily conversation? To use нравится or любить?


Why not "мальчике" like "девочке"'s example ?


Different genders with different endings in nominative case. Мальчик = masculine with a standard consonant ending, Девочка = feminine with a standard -a ending.


Because one is masc. And the other is fem.


Why "the boy likes the music" is wrong?


Is there an important difference between music and song in Russian?)


Yes, song is песня, music is музыка


спасибо большое!


So would the scenario in which this sentence is used be something like where people are talking about a certain type of music, and then one of them says, "the boy likes this music" or what? Could someone give an example of a scenario in which this would be used?


Two moms are visiting with each other and the one puts on a song and the boy starts dancing and the other mom says something to the effect of "Oh look, the boy likes this music". Or "The boy doesn't like country, he likes rock and roll" - "He doesn't like that music, but this music".

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All i did is mistyping нравится to нравистя (just a typo like any other typo one would do) and voila! my whole answer is wrong even though everything is perfectly correct.

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