"Mój pokój nie ma pomarańczowego sufitu."

Translation:My room does not have an orange ceiling.

December 13, 2015

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"And from this, Watson, I deduce that the previous tenants did not smoke."


That make me laugh dzięki:)


Could someone explain why it is pomarańczowego here? Is it the genitive form because it's a negative sentence? Thanks :)


Yes. It's a typical example of accusative changing into genitive in negative sentences.


"My room has not an orange seilling". Is that not an correct sentence? This answer was wrong!


Yeah, apparently it's correct... added.


It's a pretty unusual variation. Nobody I know would ever say it like that; it sounds foreign or stilted.


This treatment of "have" as auxiliary when it means "to possess" is dialectal. If I recall correctly, people in North of England or Scotland may say that. In more standard varieties it would be a normal verb, so you would use "doesn't have".


so a ceiling is like a plant or a food like a tomato, and requires the genitive? Oh, "nie ma" requires genitive. Got it!


What's the difference between dach and sufitu?


Well, Wiktionary says that dach means roof and sufit means ceiling. A roof is visible from the outside looking down, and a ceiling is visible from the inside looking up. The roof and the ceiling are usually different surfaces.


I'm going to guess you've also grown up referring to the ceiling of a room as the roof the same as me. Having to break that habit here so i can pass these courses.


A room- komnata, pokój. An apartment-


"komnata" is only a room if you live in a castle or a palace.

"an apartment" is "mieszkanie".

Polish "apartament" may sometimes be a fancy word for a big flat, but is mostly an expensive "suite" in a hotel.


"My room has no cieling." Is a perfectly acceptable answer. I've been using this construction all my life in the New York area. I have a masters degree in neurolinguistics from Bowling Green State University and used to teach ESL as well as freshman writing composition.

  1. It's spelled "ceiling"
  2. You forgot "orange"
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