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  5. "A girl is eating an apple."

"A girl is eating an apple."

Translation:Dziewczynka je jabłko.

December 14, 2015



From what I understand, that same K can be added to a name as a term of endearment or to say 'my little'. Like calling Jana by Janka. (In spanish this treatment is 'ita' like Senorita vs. Senora (in food taquito translates little taco)


Ah yes, diminutive. -ito/ita in Spanish, -tje/je in Dutch, -chen/lein in German


I've always heard that Spanish speakers are better inclined to learning Slavic languages.


That generalization seems to explain why my interest in Polish hasn't waned in all the time I've been trying to learn it on my own. A lot of the concepts feel intuitive or familiar. Some of the cultural aspects also feel vaguely familiar.


That isn't true, I swear. (I'm learning english too


Okay, this one is confusing the bejeezuz outta me - what is the difference between "Dziewczyznka" and "Dziewczynką"?? Like, what context would you use each in? (With a couple examples for both in plain English pretty plz XD)


Dziewczynka /dziewczynką they are different forms of the same word. In Polish nouns change with cases- there are 7.

Which one you use depends on what function in the sentence they have, which verb or preposition they follow.

Nominative=dziewczynka- is a basic form found in dictionaries. It is for subject of the sentence, and sentences with word "to"

Instrumental=dziewczynką (nr 5 in tables) - is a form that - 1) follows some verbs, most common "być"=to be 2) follows some prepositions, most common z = with 3) to indicate instrument used , instead of with=using


Dziewczynka je jabłko = A girl is eating an apple

Kasia to dziewczynka= Kasia is a girl

Kasia jest dziewczynką= Kasia is a girl

Asia idzie z dziewczynką do parku =Asia is walking to a park with a girl.

In case you also wondered what is the difference between dziewczyna and dziewczynka- dziewczynka is female child, dziewczyna is female teenager/young woman/girlfriend


Yes, the "k" in dziewczynka is diminutive from what I've been told.

About the examples...

You have one saying "Kasia to dziewczynka" meaning, very basically, "Kasia this girl" (if Google Translate is correct XD) which is nominative but then, You have the other saying "Kasia jest dziewczynką" meaning, again basically, "Kasia is girl" which you say is instrumental? But surely both examples are exactly the same? Or is it all to do with changing "to" to "jest"?

Btw, you got nominative and instrumental the wrong way round in the first half I think (unless I've been told wrong XD)



"Kasia to dziewczynka " and" Kasia jest dziewczynką" mean exactly the same thing, using different grammar.

I don't see any mistake, but just to be sure-
dziewczynkA=nominative(1)=subject of the sentence and after "to"
dziewczynkĄ=instrumental(5)= after jest, after some prepositions, "using"





Thank you for this! It was driving me crazy lol.


Mianownik - kto? co? Dziewczynka

Dopełniacz - kogo? czego? Dziewczynki

Celownik -komu? czemu? Dziewczynce

Biernik - kogo? co? Dziewczynkę

Narzędnik - z kim? z czym? Z dziewcxynką

Miejscownik - o kim? o czym? O dziewczynce

Wołacz - o! O dziewczynka !


That's something that's helpful rather to Polish people than to foreigners learning. That's how we sometimes figure out the correct form of the noun.

Also, there's a typo in the Narzędnik line (z dziewczynką), and the last form is wrong, it should be "dziewczynko".


it is because of the accent on the second one under the a


It's not really an accent, it's a special character which is pronounced completely differently (and frankly it's closer to 'o' than to 'a').


Is dziewczynka for younger girls?


A bit unfair because I think this is the first time Duolingo has introduced Dziewczyna without using the new word in a sentence.


Where do i find the 't' in jabtko!


This is actually not a form of the letter t, but of the letter "l" (lowercase L). First, install the Polish keyboard. Then you can type it by:

On a phone: by holding the letter L, until the menu will pop up with the alternative letter.

On Windows using the Polish programmer layout: by pressing Right Alt and L at the same time.


Super hard word to spell. Is there some trick i can remember it by? Maybe some pronunciation tips so i can sound it out? Thanks


i wish they didnt capitalize the furst word


Dziewczynka je jabłko? Czy dziewczyna je jabłko? A girl is eat an apple?


A girl eats/is eating an apple.

Both 'dziewczynka' and 'dziewczyna' are correct, the first one is younger, the latter is older.


What is the difference between dziewczyna and dziewczynka??

  • Dziewczyna: Girl (young woman), girlfriend
  • Dziewczynka: Girl (child)


I go to a school where everyone speaks polish.


I always thought that its writen "jje" nad not "je" was I wrong?


I don't know where "jje" came from, but it's definitely "je".


Polish is difficult lmao


Why in this sentence can the n turn into a k instead?


I'm not exactly sure what you meant, but if you are asking about "dziewczynka"…

"Dziewczynka" is a diminutive form of "dziewczyna". So "dziewczynka" is kinda "little girl" and "dziewczyna" is just a "girl".


Haha, its the same in Hungarian. The suffix "ka" means something smaller there.


D-zwzy-nk, zwz += "ie"+"c": dziewczynka


Dziewczynka: zw-czy (remember)


I just wanna learn how to speak, read, and listen in polish not write I'm struggling so much with this.


On the mobile version it's mostly just tiles you have to click.


What's the difference between "je" and "jem"?


"je" = [he/she/it] [eats/is eating]

"jem" = I [eat/am eating]


im new on poland so what is the difference between "Dziewczyna" and "Dziewczynka"?


Age. There is no clear age border (I'd put it somewhere between 8 and 13), but "dziewczynka" is a younger girl and "dziewczyna" is an older one, up to a young adult.

If it's "someone's dziewczyna", then it also means "girlfriend".

Exactly the same happens with "boy": "chłopiec" is a younger one and "chłopak" is older, "chłopak" can also be "boyfriend".


How do you get the different letters? I don't know how to do the typed answers


We don't know which device you are using. A PC? A Mac? A tablet? An Android phone? A typewriter?


Its impossible to spell girl in this sentence


It is possible. I can agree it's not easy for a learner though, true.


i see ( hear) the ł in jabłka is mot pronounced


This is an exception to normal pronunciation rules. When you see the "błk" cluster (which occurs in the word "jabłko" and some derivatives like "jabłkowy"), you pronounce it as "pk" instead. So "jabłko" is pronounced "japko".

However, the "błe" cluster is pronounced normally, even in apple-related words (like in "jabłek" or "jabłeczny").


Me just trying to get a grip on the Polish alphabet for a research paper and being smacked in the face with the spelling like w h o m s t-

On another note, jabłko sounds a lot like яблоко - seems like they have the same roots? Interesting


slavic languages they are...


why no dziwczynka?


Both "dziewczyna" (an older girl) and "dziewczynka" (a younger girl) are accepted here.


Tap on a clip to paste it in the text box.


Only a spelling error...


I honestly thought it had something to do with it having an article or not.


How can I remember to write the rest of a sentence, otherwise I keep getting it wrong

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