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"Pomidory pomiędzy mięsem i jajkami."

Translation:The tomatoes are between the meat and the eggs.

December 14, 2015



It's absurdly pleasing to me to come across a new sentence and understand it straight away. I do love Slavic languages! <3


How does it sound in Russian?


With the disclaimer that I am very tired tonight 8-o so I rather hope a native will come along and correct if necessary:

Помидоры — между мясом и яйцами.


I'm a native speaker, your sentence is okay :)


I'd say that's correct, though I'm not a native speaker, I am quite close to fluency.


In theory, I should've got it right, and it looks right, and I can't see how I could've badly messed up a really quite short sentence... but at eleven pm I barely trust myself to write correct English, y'know? 8-o LOL

But it's reassuring to know it looks okay to a fellow non-native!


В таком виде эта фраза звучит не естественно по-русски, мы бы обязательно вставили бы глагол "лежат" или "находятся"


I know this feeling :3


What case follows "pomiędzy"?


What's the difference between 'między' and 'pomiędzy'?


The same type of difference as "between" and "in between", or "flammable" and "inflammable" in English - functionally no difference whatsoever, but they're used in different types of sentences.


Actually, flammable and inflammable aren't used in different types of sentence. Depending on your point of view, either inflammable is correct and flammable is wrong, or insisting on inflammable is pedantic and flammable is a former mistake that has become acceptable.


Definitely! I just meant you're more likely to see inflammable in some situations, whereas flammable is in everyday usage. Here's a really cool article on the two words: http://blog.dictionary.com/inflammable/


No difference. not even tiny. jp.pwn.pl dictionary has a definition of pomiędzy " look at definition of między." There are some set expressions that can use only one of them.


None. It is similar to how there is no difference in using jeśli and jeżeli or znów and znowu.

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    Offtopic I am jealous of those people who are studying so many languages here and i jsut came for polish. and I am just 8 level. fml


    Keep at it, and you'll get better! I've been on this site for years.


    Don't worry. Learning language is a big work. This service geves you only basic skills those are required for futher learning. I don't believe that these people get sufficient language experience with each of these languages.


    Why exactly is it jajkami?


    Because pomiędzy takes (as in, the noun it's describing is in) the instrumental case. Mięso, meat, is singular > mięsem., and jajko egg is plural, and the instrumental plural of jajko is jajkami. :)


    Is it possible to translate "pomiedzy" by among in this sentence ? Among has been refused by Duolingo...


    Polish word "pomiędzy" does not sound right in this context:

    pomiędzy/wśród - among
    między (dwoma) - between the two

    It should be here: "Pomidory leżą/są między mięsem a jajkami".


    Do you have anything to prove that claim? "pomiędzy" and "między" are generally interchangeable, apart from some collocations.


    I could agree that "między" sounds slightly better to me, but I do not see how "pomiędzy" is supposed to 'not sound right'.


    Among sounds very unnatural to me. I think it's mostly because there are only two other listed things for the meat to be among/between, and partly because we are talking about foodstuffs. I couldn't give you chapter and verse on why, though, or cite you a rule - I just know that it sounds very unnatural to my ear.


    I'm struggling with prepositions, as I find them unintuitive. Logically, you would expect the word for "between" to take the lockative case rather than the instrumental case, as it denotes location.


    unfortunately you have to learn which preposition takes which case by heart. locative is a case which doesn't exist without preposition, but prepositions that denote location can take also other cases



    For location we use instrumental case?


    There isn't one universal case used for location. It depends on the specific preposition used. A big number of them take (nomen omen) Locative, but some of them take Instrumental.


    Of course 'amoung' should not be accepted for this sentence. 'Amoung' is for more than two objects. Unless I am wrong, the eggs are acting as one unit. So it really is 'The tomato is between the [carton of] eggs and the [piece of] meat.'


    Isn't "among" rather for one (plural) word? "among the flowers", "among the people", "among the eggs"... but yeah, not here anyway.


    Yes, but as I said the eggs acted as one unit (carton) as did the meat (piece), as collectives to my understanding. If the eggs were scattered on the table then I would say among.

    Like 'a herd of elephants' 'a flock of seagulls' , 'a school of fish'. Those are all singular nouns for a group of objects.


    I used 'among' as I imagined it was chucked in the middle of a plate of chopped up eggs and meat. Maybe I'm just hungry?


    "among" rather translates to "wśród" or "pośród".


    I used the above sentence verbatim and it was rejected, it gets confusing


    If it really was exactly the same sentence, then it must have been a bug.


    I wrote the sentence exactly same as this ( except I did not start
    pomidory with capital letter, still I was told it is wrong


    If it happens again, could you take a screenshot and post it here, so we can try and work out what's gone wrong?


    After pomiedzy in the previous sentence the endings were awith a squiggle now they are em and ami ! Why?


    Well, "pomiędzy" takes Instrumental, -em is the Instrumental ending for masculine and neuter nouns, -ami is for plural ones. There's also -ą for feminine.


    Of course I am still confused between pomiędzy and między. I thought it was explained here as between vs. Among. But as i looked it up in a dictionary, i don't see the distinction.

    Między: I preposition – przyimek 1. (w przestrzeni) (pośrodku) between; (w otoczeniu) among, amid    - między drogą a lasem between the road and the forest    - między ogrodami jest mur there’s a wall between the gardens    - autobus nie zatrzymuje się między Warszawą a Radomiem the bus doesn’t stop between Warsaw and Radom    - pociąg kursuje między Krakowem a Berlinem the train runs from Cracow to Berlin albo – or between Cracow and Berlin    - ustaw lampę między tapczanem a szafą put the lamp between the sofa and the wardrobe    - weszli między tłum they mingled with the crowd    - między (godziną) drugą a trzecią between two and three    - między pierwszym a piętnastym listopada between the first and fifteenth of November    - między posiłkami between meals 3. (zależność) (dwóch) between; (kilku) among, between    - różnice między nimi differences between/among them    - współpraca między dwoma instytutami/członkami organizacji cooperation between two institutes/amongst albo – or among the members of an organization    - wybierać między dwoma kandydatami/kilkoma możliwościami to choose between two candidates/among albo – or between several options    - podzielił majątek między dwóch synów/swych spadkobierców he divided his estate between his two sons/among his heirs 5. (o wspólnych cechach) between    - kolor między żółtym a brązowym a colour which is between yellow and brown    - to coś pośredniego między powieścią a autobiografią it’s something between a novel and an autobiography 6. książkowe – formal (spośród, ze) (from) among, of    - najprzystojniejszy między rówieśnikami the most good-looking in his age group II między- w wyrazach złożonych inter-    - międzykomórkowy intercellular    - międzyrządowy intergovernmental     między innymi (z żywotnymi) among others; (z nieżywotnymi) among other things    - być albo – or znaleźć się między Scyllą i Charybdą to be (caught) between Scylla and Charybdis książkowe – formal    - mówiąc między nami albo – or między nami mówiąc (just) between you and me, just between ourselves; between you and me and the bedpost albo – or gatepost albo – or wall potoczne, nieoficjalne – informal    - niech to zostanie między nami that’s just between you and me

    Pomiędzy: preposition – przyimek 1. (w przestrzeni) (pośrodku) between; (w otoczeniu) among, amid    - autostrada pomiędzy Berlinem i Hamburgiem the Autobahn between Berlin and Hamburg    - postaw stolik pomiędzy oknem a łóżkiem put the side table between the window and the bed    - rzeka płynie pomiędzy wzgórzami the river winds among some hills 2. (w czasie) between    - pomiędzy (godziną) piątą a szóstą between five and six (o’clock)    - pomiędzy 10 a 20 maja between the tenth and twentieth of May    - pomiędzy posiłkami between meals 3. (zależność) (dwóch) between; (kilku) among, between, amongst angielszczyzna brytyjska – British English    - różnice pomiędzy nimi differences between/among them    - rywalizacja pomiędzy pracownikami firmy competition among the firm’s employees albo – or workers    - konflikty pomiędzy rodzicami a dziećmi conflicts between parents and (their) children    - zachowanie równowagi pomiędzy aktywnością a odpoczynkiem maintaining a balance between active pursuits and rest 4. (podział, wybór) (dwóch) between; (kilku) among, between, amongst angielszczyzna brytyjska – British English    - podzieliła słodycze pomiędzy dzieci she divided the sweets among/between the children 5. (o wspólnych cechach) between    - coś pomiędzy esejem a reportażem something between an essay and a report 6. (spośród, ze) among    - najpiękniejsza dziewczyna pomiędzy uczestniczkami konkursu the most attractive girl among the contestants     coś pomiędzy potoczne, nieoficjalne – informal something in between    - ani zielony, ani brązowy, tylko coś pomiędzy neither green nor brown but something in between


    I had been thinking pomiędzy is more vague due to the prefix. Such as: Spomiędzy= z+ pomiędzy= from between/amoung

    Thus Pomiędzy= po+ między= around+between/among

    Thus making między more exact instead of a general estimate. But I have yet to find something to confirm/deny this.


    My feel is that they are mostly interchangeable and both mean "between", although "pomiędzy" may be better for literal usage (literally located between X and Y) and "między" for a more metaphorical one.

    On the level of this course, I believe they both should be accepted in every sentence with "between".


    Long story short, according to Prof. Bańko from the University of Warsaw, those two are perfectly interchangeable, except for a few fixed expressions, like między innymi and coś pomiędzy.


    Somewhat related, how would you say between in a metaphorical way? As in, "It is something between a human and a monster"


    Is "mięsem" plural?


    No, it's not. It's Instrumental of "mięso", which is usually treated as a collective noun.

    The plural of "mięso" is "mięsa", so here it would be "mięsami". It's not that common, I think.


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