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  5. "Ty pijesz kawę."

"Ty pijesz kawę."

Translation:You are drinking coffee.

December 14, 2015



On Duolingo and Google Translate the pronunciation of ę is like an open ɛ sound.

On Forvo.com kawę has this ɛuː sound in the end.

Similar thing was with herbatę: on Google Translate (ɛ) and on forvo.com (there's a clear ɛuː)

Needs more research... Native speakers, please help with your knowledge intuition :)


Word-final -ę can be pronounced as either /ɛ/ or /ɛɰ̃/, the former is the usual pronunciation, the latter is used to disambiguate in the situations when the difference would matter.

The forvo recordings sound hypercorrect and even a bit pretentious.

Mid-word ę is pronounced as /ɛ/, /ɛn/, /ɛŋ/, /ɛɲ/, /ɛɳ/, /ɛm/, or /ɛɰ̃/, depending on the following consonant.

ę is never pronounced /ɛu/.


Well, ɛu is the closest I could come up with to describe this little swing made at the end :) I just started two days ago, so I don't know many things, sorry.

I see, I'd prefer ɛ, it's a lazier and simpler sound than ɛɰ̃ :)

Thanks a lot!


Yeah, a terminating '-ę' is usually pronounced much the same as '-e'

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