"Ty pijesz kawę."

Translation:You are drinking coffee.

December 14, 2015

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On Duolingo and Google Translate the pronunciation of ę is like an open ɛ sound.

On Forvo.com kawę has this ɛuː sound in the end.

Similar thing was with herbatę: on Google Translate (ɛ) and on forvo.com (there's a clear ɛuː)

Needs more research... Native speakers, please help with your knowledge intuition :)

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Word-final -ę can be pronounced as either /ɛ/ or /ɛɰ̃/, the former is the usual pronunciation, the latter is used to disambiguate in the situations when the difference would matter.

The forvo recordings sound hypercorrect and even a bit pretentious.

Mid-word ę is pronounced as /ɛ/, /ɛn/, /ɛŋ/, /ɛɲ/, /ɛɳ/, /ɛm/, or /ɛɰ̃/, depending on the following consonant.

ę is never pronounced /ɛu/.


Well, ɛu is the closest I could come up with to describe this little swing made at the end :) I just started two days ago, so I don't know many things, sorry.

I see, I'd prefer ɛ, it's a lazier and simpler sound than ɛɰ̃ :)

Thanks a lot!


Yeah, a terminating '-ę' is usually pronounced much the same as '-e'


The audio sure sounds like a question.


Actually, I don't think it does here.


the audio sounds like a question!


While the old voices sounded like questions a lot, I don't think the voices we use currently have this problem. This doesn't even remotely resemble a question to me. The female voice's intonation is a bit strange, but it's not a question.


They say that śniadanie is breakfast, obiad is lunch, and that kolacja is dinner, when its actually like this: Śniadanie : Breakfast Obiad : Dinner. Kolacja : Supper. Please fix this error. I am from Poland and this is incorrect.


Sorry, but there are no exact equivalents when it comes to meals. The main meal of the day is obiad / dinner, however, in most English speaking countries dinner is served much later, approximately at the same time as kolacja. So we usually accept multiple answers.

Also, what does this have to do with this sentence?

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