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"We do not like this exhibition."

Translation:Нам не нравится эта выставка.

December 14, 2015



I believe that «Мы не любим эту выставку.» should also be accepted. It is not. I reported it.


Мы не любим эту выставку
not accepted 13 Oct 2018


That does sound a bit funny, as if you were a frequent visitor. Remember, любить is not a one time action. If you like or do not like a particular object with любить it means that you use that object on a regular basis, which makes it possible to pass an overall judgement on your experiences with it.


I also used that form to avoid the reflexive verb нравится. It's still not accepted.


I don't believe that нравится is reflexive, because the subject of the verb is the thing that is liked, and the pronoun refers to the person liking that thing - the format doesn't reflect the action of the verb back on the subject, but onto a dative pronoun.

The singular forms of the verb are:
Мне нравится
Тебе нравится
Ему нравится
Ей, нам, вам, им нравится

The verb doesn't change whatever the person or number of the pronoun is. The verb only changes if the number of the subject (the thing(s) liked) is singular or plural.

That's simply not a reflexive verb.


The sentence "Нам не нравится эта выставка." literally says "This exhibition is not liked by us.", which makes the verb reflexive. "Нам" is an indirect object (dative) and "выставка" is the subject. My dictionary refers to this verb as "class 4a imperfective reflexive".


Нравится is literally a reflexive verb, structurally speaking. It is another matter entirely what the verb means: Russian "reflexive" verbs have a lot more uses that just performing actions on the subject itself. The only thing in common is that the verb is intransitive, i.e. cannot have a direct object, and it truly holds (save for very few exceptions like бояться).


Should the verb not be нравимся? нравится is 3rd person, no?


Нам не нравится эта выставка.=Эта выставка не нравится нам="This exhibition isn't liked by (to) us" (literally). Выставка is a subject here, нравится is a reflexive verb which closes a sympathy to the subject itself.


So then 3rd person is appropriate because it is reflexive?


No, 3d person is the only option here because "выставка" is the subject which agrees with the verb.


Think of it as "to us this exhibition is not pleasing" Works a bit like "to us this exhibition does not ingratiate itself" though the meaning isn't quite the same!

I also had a different word order, and can't see why it was wrong - Нам эта выставка не нравится


Shouldn't this word order also be accepted? Эта выставка нам не нравится.


Yeah it happened to me as well


What's wrong with: 'Мы не любим эта выставка'?


John204: If your sentence construction were correct (and according to Shady_Arc’s above post, it is not), then you would still need to put the object in your sentence into the accusative [objective] case, not the nominative as you have it in now. I’ve also found it to be helpful to read the entire thread before posting a question, as more often than not I’ve found it to have been already answered.


Depends on how long the thread is, but yes, agreed. It would be nice to see useless comments hidden/deleted and the most helpful ones prioritised/tagged etc. One can dream :)


And that is the purpose of upvoting. So upvote Shady_Arc's post. I don't know how many downvotes are required for a useless post to disappear but that is what should happen.


How do you know when to use нам or мы

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