"W moim bucie jest wąż!"

Translation:There is a snake in my shoe!

December 14, 2015

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Nice 'Toy Story' reference.


Somebody's poisoned the waterhole!


So, I wanted to try to be more literal and tried 'In my boot is a snake' is there a specific reason it's not accepted? I admit it's not the most eloquent translation.


Needlessly too literal. Sometimes the syntax of two languages is just totally different. Is this even correct? I would guess that "In my boot there is a snake" is probably accepted.


"In my shoe is a snake" is correct English. The "there" is common, but optional. (I've reported it as a sentence that should be accepted.)


I'm not disagreeing with you, but it's a good thing to know that this is the equivalent Polish construction to "there is/are"

"there is/are" + noun + preposition + place

preposition + place + "być" + noun

Compare: "Kubek jest na stole"
The mug is on the table"

"Na stole jest kubek"
"There's a mug on the table".

At least that's how I understand it.


English is too different from Polish in terms of syntax to do that. It might be better to learn Polish from another language. It doesnt have to be a slavic one, romance languages have more flexible syntax, "in my booy there is a snake" works in spanish for example.


To jest waz w moim bucie Buzz!


This made me smile, ty.


Woody approves that


I have used 'boot' instead of shoe often before so why has it been rejected this time? I have always used and seen buty as either shoes or boots. Duo does not give me the option this time of saying it should be accepted. There is nothing implied in the context to suggest that one cannot use 'boot'.


I also phrased it correctly...'There is a snake in my boot'. (Anyway, in the Old West one was much more likely to have a rattlesnake curl up in one's boot-hence the habit of upending the boot in the morning'.


"There is a snake in my boot" is not only accepted, but it's even the second 'starred' answer. It definitely should have worked.


came to see if there's a snake in my boot was already noted, well done. Question, on my computer I get a mans voice and woman for translations, on my phone only woman. I can hear the mans voice more clearly can I get it on my phone too?


Maybe check if there's an update for your app? I think that A/B experiment (some people have the new, male voice, some don't) should be based on the account...


Are there snakes in Poland


In zoos...

Wikipedia says that there are 5 species in Poland:

gniewosz plamisty (Coronella austriaca)

wąż Eskulapa (Elaphe longissima)

zaskroniec zwyczajny (Natrix natrix)

zaskroniec rybołów (Natrix tesselata)

żmija zygzakowata (Vipera berus)

I don't recall ever seeing a snake in the wild. But I also don't go on many hikes.


Thanks . We have snake catchers in Australia but at home in the last 10 years I have seen about 2 . I see more on the golf course so then just make a lot of noise when I go looking for my golf ball.


I was thinking the Adder that you get right across Europe would be there and it is, Vipera Berus is the latin name. They are camoflagued and shy though, no doubt many of us across Europe have passed right by them and not known they were there. About the only place I can think of in Europe with no snakes is Ireland, there is a famous myth about that.


I thought It is noarrow inside my shoe lel

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